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This is not about race, creed or colour because I hope I’m not intolerant to any of these, this is about the everyday intrusions that I seem to be encountering just lately.
I travel quite a bit on public transport in the city in which I live, I try and walk or cycle to most places but this is not always a sensible option. I’m quite new to the city life after having lived most of my life in the country where public transport is either very limited or non-existent, so for me a bus every ten minutes or so throughout the day and every half hour during the evenings until midnight is a real luxury. My problem with it is my fellow travellers!

Today I’ve had the pleasure of using our bus service no less than four times, not excessive by any means but on each journey there have been unruly kids, running, shouting and generally making the journey a nightmare for me at least!  What also grates me is the way the mothers of these otherwise wonderful kids just sit and either ignore their offspring or persistently shout at them to the point where they become more annoying than their kids unruly behaviour.

Then there are the travellers that seem to have a mobile phone permanently attached to their ear. No sooner are they sat down, and sometimes they’re already in conversation before this, they start up talking to their friends about what to me seem to be the most inane subjects whilst talking loud enough for both decks of the bus to hear this one sided drivel. They go on and on about what they watched on TV last night or whatever yet if you dare to glance their way you get such a look in return as if you were eavesdropping on a whispered conversation. If you don’t want everyone and his dog to overhear your phone conversation either don’t make it whilst on public transport or wait until your somewhere a little more private!

Then there are those that insist on playing the latest playlist they’ve saved onto their mobile phone. A phone was invented to talk to other people with, the playback quality is at best awful and in most cases a whole lot worse than awful. If they were only to use it in the same way as their iPods then things might be a little better but to be playing the latest computer generated one hot wonder at 8:30am on a packed bus through a speaker that was designed for voice conversation is just a bit more than inconsiderate don’t you think?

Any of the above is not aimed at the younger members of society as in many cases, especially the phone abusers are my age. So, what do I do? I just sit there, bow my head, close my eyes and think pleasant thoughts. Even if I had the nerve to ask my fellow travelling companions to stop shouting at the kids/speak a bit quieter whilst using their mobile/use their earpieces to listen to their music I doubt very much that I would be greeted with a pleasant reply. I’m just glad I don’t have to go through this trial on a daily basis as many of my fellow travellers have to do.

Am I intolerant or just showing my age?

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  1. I’m pretty sure other people thought the same about you and us dad 😉

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