Intolerance Pt II

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I am really becoming an old git, I’m sure of it. I hate most of what’s on the TV and all the advertising on it. I hate adverts on websites, I know they pay for most of it but it just gets on my nerves, adverts for things I neither need or want on just about every website I visit.

I can’t stand music radio, even stations that play music I like! You get announcers with either no knowledge of the music they play or they waffle on about the so called ‘celebrities’ that appear on the TV (which, by the way, I hate most of the time (just in case you hadn’t noticed!))


The stations are supported by yet more advertising, with announcers waffling on about ‘celebrities’…….de da de da de da!

So I log on and go through my bookmarks to my ‘favourite’ websites. To start with I’d better qualify ‘favourite by excluding both Facebook and MySpace though both are bookmarked. Everyone seems to have an account on Facebook, therefore, just to stay in touch with them I have to have an account. Why can’t a few more people get to grips with one of the many messenger services, it is far more convenient and it doesn’t require registration to the worst website on the net.

Then there is all the advertising on just about every website you visit. I know it pays for the websites but please try and get your advertising country specific. It seems the net is dominated by US companies advertising all over the world. I don’t blame them but I live in the UK!

Above all else, advertising is wasted on me as it probably is on about 95% of web users.

Then there are the delights of spam emails and those stupid ‘earn big money by doing nothing’ adverts and websites. Who do they think they’re kidding? Thing is I guess there are enough people out there falling for these things to make it all worthwhile for the perpetrators.

I could quite happily live without all of the above, and I guess there are many that will say that they could live without ever reading my words (99.9% never will anyway).

Is all this really signs of getting old? Am I really the old git I think I am? I’m only 49! I feel much older.

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  1. ‘Only 49’ 😉 Haha yes dad, I agree with you here, advertising does grind my gears, but alot of the websites I use don’t actually have much of it, and if it does it’s targeted to me or the like.

    • Perhaps I clear my browser cache to often to get targeted adds on the websites I visit. ‘Only 49’ indeed! just over a week now 😦

  2. You’ll be alright dad, just think, you’ll be able to be classed as ‘seasoned’ XD

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