Having a bit of fun this evening

Scrabble game

Image by jcolman via Flickr

I’ve been having a play on the net this evening, not games and such but wordy stuff. I found an anagram maker at http://wordsmith.org/ and came up with the following:

Just annoy my daughter and possibly young teen girls around the world:
Justin Bieber = Bet Jib Urines – Beet Jib Is Run
Trevor Litchfield (me) = Lovechild Fritter – Clothed River Lift – Torched Evil Flirt – Victor Fled Hitler
Barak Obama = Baa Bra Amok
Ban Ki-moon (UN General Secretary) = Aim Knob On – An Obi Monk – A Knob In Om
All the above were done for fun and not to upset anyone.

I surfed around a bit more and came across a very interesting site specifically for and about words called World Wide Words and can be found at http://www.worldwidewords.org/ , they even have a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to. It discusses old and emerging words with hypothesis as to why this or that word has been accepted into modern spoken English and some dictionaries. All good fun for wordy people.

In their newsletter, they also have a quiet dig at the media with some amusing sentences lifted for your enjoyment. The following is a typical example and one I found quite funny:
The Star of South Africa reported on 20 November: “Four crack teams swept Gugulethu and Khayelitsha. They were looking for a man with a gold tooth called Thulani.” Rod Curling-Hope wondered about the names of his other teeth.

Finally I came across a site run by The Oxford University Press, publishers of the Oxford Dictionaries. They have a Save The Word website where you can adopt a word (after registration) whilst making the promise to use that word as often as possible. I guess you could adopt as many words as you like, I didn’t register but still found it interesting to look around the site.
Save The Word can be found at http://www.savethewords.org/

I like word games, especially Scrabble®. I’m not that good at it though, I often see words that I just can’t fit into the grid, then end up putting in a low scoring word simply to keep the game moving along. It’s then I spot a word that would have got me a much better score! Still it’s all about playing and not the winning, right?

Onto more important matters now. My food tip for today is this: If you like Toad in the Hole but don’t want all the fuss of cooking accompanying vegetables, simply follow my tip for roasted veg from yesterday but in a deeper roasting tray. Roast veg only for about 15 minutes at 220C, remove tray, place sausages (today I wrapped my sausages in bacon ..yum!) on top, pour over the batter mix and return it back to the oven for a further 30 minutes. Complete meal with no extra pots or pans to wash!

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