That Illusive Job

"Giz a job"

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I attended my biweekly meeting with my employment advisor today. He is a great bloke and we often have a good chat about the employment situation here in Norwich. He offers great advice and is always willing to offer a way of looking at the positives in my skill base rather than the negatives, then I guess that’s his job.

Today was no different. We chatted about all the possible vacancies that I could apply for plus those that I had applied for in the last week or so, all very positive and confidence building. But the sad fact of life is, no matter how many vacancies I apply for, very few if any reply back, even to say thanks for applying but no thanks!

This is the demoralising side of job hunting these days. You even see it in the adverts saying “If we don’t get back to you, assume you have been unsuccessful”. I know they probably get hundreds of applications but what does it cost to send an email?

Anyway, we are talking today and we get around to something we’ve never really discussed before.  We get around to my so called “computer skills”. He asked if I could use ‘Word’. Well I don’t use MS Office because there is a much better and free alternative in but I replied, yes I was more than competent with Word and also spread sheets at a basic level. I can also use DTP software as I once produced and edited the programme for my local football team for a couple of seasons.

In many ways I’m much better off than many job hunters yet they still seem to be able to find work ahead of me. Perhaps it’s just my attitude. I don’t buy into all this ‘team building’ rubbish and no job will ever come top of my list of important items in my life. In fact working comes a pretty low 4th or 5th. I have, in my view anyway, far more important things in my life than my job (or lack of one).

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a job and job hunt every day! I would do my very best to do it properly and conscientiously but I’m not ever going to be a slave to it, no matter how good a job it is. I’m never going to be a ‘Yes’ person just to satisfy a managers whim. I’m never going to volunteer to work late, or do overtime. It’s just not the person I am or ever will be. I simply want a job, any job, that pays me on time for doing what they employed me to do, no more, no less.

A few people that know me well say that I should try to use my education to apply for better jobs, ones with responsibilities as they say I am the sort of person that others would listen to and maybe even appreciate as a team leader or manager. I know I’m not that sort of person though. I like a job that challenges me but I certainly don’t want responsibility in my job. I have enough of those at home plus responsibilities only bring stress and pressure to an environment that is probably already stressed enough.

I’d welcome a job sweeping the streets, or helping others reach their full potential, or simply helping others in some way. I like the idea of working for a charity, I currently volunteer at my local Oxfam Bookshop. I’ve been away from it recently as family matters have taken a lead but I’ve really missed not being in the shop, sorting books, pricing and generally helping out wherever I’m needed. It’s nice to feel wanted without the pressure of bosses on your back to hit this or that target!

So, tomorrow is another day and I will once again be searching the situations vacant for that illusive job with my name on it, wish me luck.

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