For we are the earth, stars and moon, we are the sun

The Eagle Nebula (M16): Peering Into the Pilla...

Image by Smithsonian Institution via Flickr

After getting so depressed yesterday, I felt it was time to cheer myself up. It took longer than I thought and life is a funny thing at best, it always seems to kick you harder when you’re down. I really don’t feel like being kicked today so I’m determined to stay upbeat. Writing and music both help to lift me up, so I’ve turned on the music and hit the keyboard.

Here is the result of my keyboard bashing:

Have you ever swum naked in the deep blue oceans?
Feeling the thrill of warm waters soothing embrace
That sensuous fluid movement, as warm as lotions
How I long for those days, memories to retrace

Have you ever walked naked with your feet in the stream?
Underfoot cool pebbles and thick carpets of moss
Finding that small pool, relaxed as if in a dream
I hold this memory dear, detailed without loss

Have you ever run naked through a sunlit draped glade?
Scents and gentle perfumes ravishing the senses
Lying beneath the canopy, skin a dappled brocade
I’ve done this forever, memories of adolescences

Have you ever lain naked beneath that big blue sky?
Great sun burning above as you soak in it’s heat
Deep grass provides comfort no body can deny
I well remember we may have been indiscreet

Have you ever been naked with the one you desired?
In all these places, seed sown, a new life begun
We did this together, our love making inspired
For we are the earth, stars and moon, we are the sun

©2010 Trevor Litchfield
Creative Commons Licence
”For we are the earth, stars and moon, we are the sun” by Trevor Litchfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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  1. Keyboard bashing always helps me too… (mind you,I have to correct my erratic typing on the way!!) … and I like to think as we are from the Cosmos, hopefully we shall return to it in golden splendour when our allotted time is up…(not for a long while yet, hopefully, in both our cases!!) …, a lovely evocative poem, my friend… xPenx..

    • Thanks Pen,
      I have plenty of error checking to do as I type as well, I’m a pretty lousy typist (if you can can using two fingers typing) but with the help of decent software I get by.
      I get the feeling my allotted time has run further than yours but I certainly hope to be around for a year or two yet.
      We are all stardust and I would like to think that one day we will return home to the stars, to go in ‘golden splendour’ would be fantastic. I’m pleased you enjoyed the poem.

  1. Some observations | Trev's Telautograph
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