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Norwich Market at Night (3)

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I’ve let my creative side get the better of me these last few days so I think it’s time to update the day to day stuff.


We had the visit from the council officer, she said we are definitely living in overcrowded conditions. She will be writing a report to reflect this. Although the decision to upgrade our grading ion the housing list isn’t hers, she expected us to receive confirmation that our application will be upgraded to a level where we stand a good chance of getting rehoused quite quickly.

Our council operates a grading system whereby they grade you according to their perception of your housing needs, you then ‘bid’ on vacant properties covered by their housing policy. In my case that is three separate social housing registers. Once I have my ‘bid’ number I can then ‘bid’ on up to two properties on each register, as I need a two bed property, I am only allowed to bid on vacant two bed properties, which is only right and proper!

The upgrading of my application should be confirmed by midweek next week when I should be looking forward to bidding on properties that I stand a decent chance of getting rather than no chance at all, which is how it currently stands for me.

The rest of the day I spent creating, the keyboard has had a decent bashing this week!


Another sleepless in Norwich night!

This morning some tenant on my floor were woken at stupid o’clock by some idiot kicking doors! Oh the joys of living in a complex such as this one. There was also plenty of loud music and loud arguing going on around the building most of the night. I think I eventually got to sleep at around 2am Saturday morning! We gotta get out of this place!

Thing is, when everyone is living normal lives, this is a decent place to live, free launderette for tenants onsite, common room with small lending library and PC’s with internet access. The library is open four evenings a month when they also have coffee, tea. biscuits, games (Scrabble® and Trivial Pursuit®), cards and dominoes. The open evenings can be fun. We can also access the PC’s at any time during office hours when the caretaker is onsite.

The neighbourhood offers plenty as well, six buses an hour into the city, shopping precinct close by with a reasonable sized supermarket, two takeaways, chemist, bakery, newsagents, building society, medical centre/doctors surgery, a Blockbusters and a charity shop.


Gift shopping in the city today…….ugh!

My daughter and I did her gift shopping today, getting gift for those she wants to buy gifts for and spending what cash I’ve got, I was the pack donkey. 🙂

I hate all the crowds, the jostling, the pushing and was delighted to be getting back on the bus home with most of my wits intact. We hit town quite early which meant the crowds were still thinking about what they were going to buy whereas I had got my daughter to think about what she wanted to buy so that all we really had to do was go ‘grabit ‘n’ payforit’ style shopping.

Now all I have to do is calm down a bit more, cook an evening meal then it’s easy street until Monday when life as a jobsearcher starts all over again.

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