Good news, bad news and other stuff

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Let’s start the week with the good news.
I checked this morning on the housing register website and my grading has already been updated! Woohoo! I now have a grading that will enable me to ‘bid’ on properties with a equal chance of getting at least a viewing as the next person in a similar situation. Why it took so long and a home visit I’ve no idea but I’m as happy as a kid on the beach in summer.

Bad news: I have my two weekly interview with my employment advisor tomorrow (Tuesday) and I’ve not applied for one single job! I’ve not even seen a job worth applying for these past two weeks, what he’ll say I’ve no idea but I know he’s a decent sort so hopefully he will go easy on me. I did get two rejections though, this makes a change from hearing absolutely nothing I guess but I was hopeful that I might get at least an interview for one of them. C’est la vie.

I also seem to have come to a creative crossroads, I have several stories rushing around my head but all seem to be intertwined somehow. This means I’ve either got a very long story bouncing around (unlikely) or I’ve overloaded with ideas and prompts and can’t make head nor tail of any of it (more likely). The poetic side is still fine though, all I have to do is stare out the window for a few moments and the words just seem to find me. Whether they’re any good or not is for you to judge.

I’ve also reactivated my account at Blogspot (or Blogger if you prefer) and have opened two new blogs, one for just my poetry (Rhythms of my Mind) and one for just my short stories (Stories from the Aether). I did try and get this site set up so that they would show separately in a sensible way and to a point I think I have but these two new blogs offer me somewhere separate to publish stuff that, from time to time, may not appear on here. For instance there is a poem on Rhythms of my Mind that doesn’t appear on here, if you find it you may understand why.

One thing I am doing is scheduling some posts to appear over the holidays. Most are either short stories or poems, there is a short quiz and a couple of personal memories concerning this time of year. I’m doing this because I don’t think I’ll be logging in every day over the holidays (like you I hope) but I have noticed that I seem to have grown a small following which is great, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. To think that anyone finds my ramblings interesting enough to come back almost daily is overwhelming, these scheduled entries are for you, I hope you enjoy them

That’s it then!

I hope this Monday morning finds you in rude health.



  1. I’ve had a Blogger (Blogspot) …site for a while, but I can’t seem to keep the interest up for more than one… If I post to both I split the audience, so for the time being I’m ‘on hold’ on Blogger and concentrating more on WordPress. I too have some stories , and continuations in the pipeline, but it seems to have a blockage, and that blockage is time …The time to be able to sit and type…and when I do, I feel guilty for the time taken away from Bess and whatever else I should be doing. Mind you, when a story goes well and is flowing I’m never happier!! Good luck, Trevor, and I’ll pop in to your other sites when I can… Plus , as you so rightly say, the Christmas holidays will bring everything to a halt for a while..xPenx

  2. Hi Pen,
    My main reason for having the Blogger ones, especially the story one is so that if I write longer stories I have somewhere to put them, I think anything much over 1000 words on here would be too long, though I might serialise them to here if I do write longer stories.

    The poetry one is really to have all poems without interruption in one place, I could use Hello Poetry but although good, it is a bit like preaching to the converted. In turn having the poetry on Blogger might attract a separate audience (I’m not overly bothered if it doesn’t thought) I will post most of my poetry on here as well, along with my day to day stuff.

    Good luck in getting past the blockage, I wish mine was time. I have so much time, probably too much time 😦

  3. Wow – lots of news.
    And so much more to read…

  4. oh i’m sure i will.

    is it time to get a net book so i can keep up?
    i hate shopping…

    • Don’t go wasting any money buying a netbook on my account, it’ll all still be here when you get the chance to read it. Saying that you could download the WordPress widget to your smart phone, like I have in readiness for when I’m nowhere near my PC. With the widget you can do just about everything you can do in your normal Site Admin area, it just takes about six times as long πŸ˜€

      • wow. i can do that on my smart phone.

        does that mean i have to get a smart phone?
        i hate shopping…

  5. LOL Bex, I hope you enjoy your time away from the connected world, as I said before, it’ll be here when you get the chance to look in πŸ˜‰

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