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I feel in a melancholic mood tonight. It must be all this thinking, then writing about it but I don’t seem to have anything within me today worth creating. I guess I’ve written stuff that maybe a bit too close to home, the poem about depression for instance. I’m chuffed that  those that read it enjoyed it and when I wrote it, it made me feel good to get this stuff out of my system. Now…………………

Then there have been other things I’ve written, nothing exclusive to me I know but still, if you could read between the lines there are some real events  hidden within them.

All this has left me feeling a bit drained to be honest.

On the up side, it looks as if we will soon be getting that bigger place I’ve been yammering on about. We viewed one today and we view another one on Monday, we get the keys to which ever we like best on Monday as well! This means it’s going to be a hectic few days before and just after the holidays plus I have to get to my sisters cottage for the holidays. I’ve given notice on my current place and we have to be out by mid January, no real rush but it’ll be good to finally move on to better things.

Oh well, tomorrows another day and I get it all to myself, do I wallow in this melancholic mood further or do I get up with a smile on my face? We’ll see 😉



  1. i hope you opt for the smile.
    this is great that you get the keys to whichever place you like best! this is so exciting! your choice! you just have to show up and like something. if everything in life were about what we liked best…

    • Thanks Bex, I sort of grew into a smile today and feel pretty good now. If only we had a choice in everything we did or liked best, it’d soon get boring though plus all that stress of forever having to choose 😀

  2. I agree with what Bex has said! Plus, moving on to better things is always good.
    (That doesn’t mean that some aspects of the now aren’t good, I hasten to add!)

  3. Good news about finding a new place, and best of luck when you’ve decided which one and the keys are handed over… Always strange starting again… and melancholy is allowed… gives you something to compare the ‘up times’ to… All the best, Trev, with moving and with finding the muse again… ( a tricky ‘fellow’ keeps hiding from me too !! 😉 ) xPenx

    • Thanks Pen,
      It is good news that’s true but I’ve made new starts so often at this time of year over my life that I should be used to it by now, it’s hardly surprising I don’t enjoy this holiday that much.

      As for my ‘muse’ he took a long walk years ago, I think it’s just nervous energy that makes me hit the keyboard some days 😀

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