As solstice approaches once again

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As solstice approaches once again
I find myself with renewed desire.
A new beginning beckons this day
To start a fresh brand new page.
Chapters are complete, assigned
to be read by readers old and new.
Attempting to rewrite this used life
into something new and meaningful.

Having finished too many chapters
in the solstice season of midwinter,
I intend to begin writing my own.
Title, heading, the words are mine
to rewrite this life with new direction.
Gifting the past I wish to release
myself from these lingering ghosts
that seem to haunt my very existence.

Life’s loves are to be relinquished,
old passions placed on the shelf.
They may gather the dust of time
to be remembered and not relived.
Memories past carefully arranged
in cabinets, doors firmly sealed.
Never again to haunt this earthly life
as I walk renewed into the sunlight

©2010Trevor Litchfield
Creative Commons Licence
”As solstice approaches once again” by Trevor Litchfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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  1. Lovely Trev,
    in this life of ours we write our pages and sometimes would like to have a chance to ‘delete’ a portion and re-write it, but no, we learn and change our direction, but keeping our memories filed under ‘done but not dusted’ !!
    Every Christmas I feel as if I’ve not done enough with the year just gone, but then I suppose if we were satisfied we’d have nothing to strive for ..maybe life would become humdrum? Who knows…
    Thanks for dropping by and your comment, and yes, I love my mobile…wouldn’t be without it…( ’til the next one!!) 😉

    • Thanks Pen,
      You are right about certain passages in life and the desire to rewrite them, I don’t think I’d be very keen on that as I have very few regrets but to finally move on to new things is my main aim at the moment.
      As for mobiles, it makes you wonder how we ever got on without them doesn’t it?

  2. Raven

     /  December 20, 2010

    ‘Tis very beautiful, filled with the good, hopeful and positive thoughts of new beginnings this Winter Solstice brings. It feels good to have this year near completion and I look forward to a new book myself. 🙂
    Have a Wonderful Season of the Solstice!!!
    Raven xox

  3. i really like the theme of rebirth/renewal you have going on in this piece.
    (i hope you meant to have a theme of rebirth)

    another lovely piece.
    Thanks for sharing Trevor.

    • Thanks Bex,
      You got the rebirth theme right on the nose and I’m pleased you enjoyed reading it

      • whew. i’m so glad. i love poetry but sometimes i’m not sure i “get it”. yeah, i really enjoyed it.

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