The Day Santa’s Elves Nearly Went On Strike!

santa's elves

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“Get Bushy Evergreen down from his office! I want this sorted now!” cried Bjugnakraekir

Alabaster Snowball, administrator of the naughty and nice list was passing by the toy production warehouse and could see that everything had come to a halt. Head in hands he entered through the door into the melee within. All the senior elves had heard the rumour that one of the elves was for the bullet but no one knew who yet.

“Ahhh Alabaster, you’ll do” said Bjugnakraekir as he spotted Alabaster Snowball enter the warehouse “What’s all this about Steingrimur getting laid off at the end of his shift?”

Although Bjugnakraekir had no authority among the elves he had the loudest voice and was the most militant of the elves, he always took notes and made sure his views were heard at every meeting Santa or any of the senior elves held. Now he had heard of a rumour that one elf was to be laid off. In truth he did not know which one, he had fears that it might be himself but by calling out poor old Steingrimur’s name, he was highlighting who was oldest among the factory elves.

“Come on Bjugnakraekir” said Alabaster “There’s no need for this now. It’s only two days to Christmas morning, all these toys need packing and wrapping ready for the big day.”

“I don’t care about that, all I care about is poor old Steingrimur”

“But who said it would be Steingrimur?” asked Alabaster

“It’s what I heard!”

Bushy Evergreen, inventor of the magic toy-making machine, entered the warehouse.

“Come on now” said Bushy “There’s no need for this, lets get at it people!”

All the other elves turned around and someone pushed the button to get the packaging line moving once again. All the other elves privately wishing that it would not be their name they overheard next.

“Should we tell ’em” Bushy looked to Alabaster for some help

“Tell who?” Bjugnakraekir still standing near the door, not bothering to get back to his position in the line

“Look Bjugnakraekir” said Bushy “We honestly don’t know which of us is going to see that letter at the time clock tonight.” Bushy looked Bjugnakraekir straight in the eyes “It could even be me!”

“Yeah right! As if Santa’s going to sack you, you’re the only one who knows how most of this stuff works!” Bjugnakraekir swept his hand vaguely around as if pointing to all the magical machinery in the warehouse whilst staring Bushy down.

Alabaster tugged on Bushy’s shirt sleeve

“We’re going to have to get this sorted, Santa should be sorting this out himself, let’s go and get him”

“I’m coming too!” said Bjugnakraekir

“No you’re not, you’ll stay here and calm all this down, after all you started it” said Bushy over his shoulder as he and Alabaster walked out of the warehouse.

“Look, all I know is that we can’t go on like this, we’ve had a bad year and you both know we got very little in the way of food left out last year. You guys know that’s how we do things here. I know it looks like I eat all the food and drink all the drinks left out for me but you guys know I bring it back here for everyone to use throughout the year.” Santa sat in his chair behind the big oak desk in his office, his arms folded over his large but slimmer than usual chest.

“What am I to do fella’s?”

The pair that escaped the warehouse now looked down on Santa.
“Look boss” said Bushy “Whoever you let go is going to make no difference unless we have a bumper haul this year, we’re down to nothing in the granaries you know!”

“And how will whoever you let go survive?” Alabaster joined in “They all have families to feed, who ever it is can’t do that if you lay him off, it’s hundreds of miles to the outside villages, they’d never make it!”

Santa sat in quiet contemplation, he hated this situation just as much as everyone else. Could they all tighten their belts further?

Minutes ticked by like years.

“OK lads, tell ’em no one is getting laid off. We’ll just have to tighten our belts another notch I guess.”

Alabaster and Bushy both sighed with relief, they could all hope for a decent collection this Christmas and they would all be happy to tighten their belts to keep their jobs, even Bjugnakraekir.

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  1. oh this was great!
    loved the elf names and very happy to know that no one will get laid off.

    i will do my part and make sure there treats left out.

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