Back In The Saddle

Snow outside my sisters cottage

Over a week since I last sat and did this! I have to admit it felt odd not writing daily, now it feels odd to be sat here writing again. I would like to thank everyone that stopped by and had a read, seems I have more readers than comment leavers but that’s fine, I’m just pleased you drop by and have a read of the stuff I write.

The holidays were a real mix of emotions and illness, it was great to see my sister once again but we all got colds or other viruses that left the actual day pretty lame. I had a cold when we travelled last Wednesday, my sister warned me she also had a cold. On the coach journey over to Pembrokeshire it seemed as if everyone else had colds as well so by the time we arrived in Carmarthen it felt like we were covered in germs, not nice!

The final thirty miles or so soon became arduous as there was deep lying snow everywhere with the taxi we were travelling in finally giving up on getting us to my sisters two miles short of her cottage. My daughter and I had to walk those last couple of miles. It was a beautiful star laden moonlit night as we walked through drift filled country lanes but it was a walk I could have done without. I don’t blame the taxi driver, only farm vehicles and the odd Land Rover could actually drive up these lanes, my sisters Land Rover was one of those unable to get out onto the road due to the position of her cottage. Still we arrived in reasonable time and we all sat warming ourselves around her Rayburn.

More snow and view of the forest

The rest of the holidays were as already described, much of a non event though as always it was great to just sit and chat even if we were warming ourselves with cold remedies rather than whiskey or other much preferable drinks.

We arrived back in Norwich late Wednesday evening heading straight to bed after the long coach journey home. Thursday was also a long day as I had loads of paperwork to sort in readiness for our move to our new flat. I also measured up the bedrooms to get some prices on carpets plus did a bit of window shopping in charity furniture shops whilst thinking how expensive washing machines really are!

On to today then! I had already written something in readiness for today but decided it was time to hit the keys once again, below is part of what I had written and I’m pleased to say that I can already put a line through one of my resolutions as I already have the keys to our new flat which I hope to start decorating in the very near future.

Like the rest of the world I guess I will be making a few New Year Resolutions. I’m not going to be promising myself anything that I cannot or have no wish to do like quit smoking or drinking but here are some ‘dreams’ that I have for the coming 365 days.

  • To have a better year than the one just departed, though to be honest 2010 was a much better year than I ever expected it to be
  • Find somewhere bigger to live. I really do need a bigger flat or house, somewhere near the coast would be nice
  • Find permanent employment
  • Make some new friends. Since I moved to Norwich I’ve met a few people that I think will remain good friends, I’d just like to meet a few more.

Not much to ask for and I think the only one I will struggle with is the one about finding employment, after all it’s over two years since I last had a job and nothing looks to be changing in a hurry.

Have a peaceful 2011 and enjoy any party you might attend this evening

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  1. Finding a job is depressing me aswell. It looks like all of the jobs are ‘Future Job Fund’ which means I have to be 18-24 and unemployed for atleast 6 Months from the age of 18. And some of them I really would love, for example working in Diss Museum etc.

    Frustrating in the most!

    • Hi Will, jobs be hard to find, maybe volunteer somewhere for a while might help, not that it pays but it gets you out and about which hopefully might open a few doors……… never know 😉

  2. Happy New Year, Trevor… I hope 2011 surprises you with the job of your dreams!

    • Thanks Aquatom, it would be the biggest surprise of all if it did happen *fingers crossed*

  3. Happy New Year Trevor – holding good thoughts for you on the job front.

  4. Thanks Bex
    I need all the help I can get when it comes to getting a job

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