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We had the gas and electric turned on in our new flat today. Seems the City Council have it disconnected in their empty properties, then the new tenant must get an account with a supplier before they will reconnect it. I guess it makes sense, I was told they have properties disconnected to help prevent squatters and the like. Anyway we now have heating, hot water and lighting. Water is paid as part of the rent so I won’t be missing the water bill payments at least.

Other than that the charity furniture shop delivered my purchases from yesterday and I assembled the bed, all my daughter needs to do now is move her clothes into her wardrobe and she is set up at least. On the other hand I will be sleeping on the guest bed my daughter used whilst we lived in our other flat and my clothes will be scattered around the floor. All we need now is a washing machine and carpets!

I hate the thought of having to buy a washing machine, I’ve been able to use the laundry in our old development for free, now the thought of having to lash out for my own machine is a bit galling but such is life. I’ve had quotes for carpeting but they are well out of my reach at the moment. I think I will just about afford to have the lounge carpeted and the other rooms will have to wait their turn and my finances.

My depressed mood still lingers on but with so much happening today it has thankfully stayed a dull thought at the back of my mind rather than the overwhelming emotion it has been. Hopefully this will continue and whilst I can motivate myself to do things in our new flat I should be fine.

One final thing, I changed the theme on my blog. I will be searching out and image or texture to add to it at some point in the near future, so don’t get to worried if you see different images appear or disappear over the next week or so as I play about with the ‘look’ of my blog

Onwards and upwards

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  1. great that things are coming along for the new flat.

    new theme is nice – happy that it has stopped snowing.
    i really the image of the bird flying. reminds me of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”…

  2. so long as the lingering stops, that’s the main thing, and you have so much to occupy your mind, hopefully that’ll keep it at bay… I had to buy a washing machine a short while ago, my trusty old one started leaking and after spending almost as much as buying a new one in repairs I decided enuff is enuff!!Took the leap and the gulp of giving away my savings …in a brand new Hotpoint and it’s wonderful…My new little friend, gurgling away …(mind you takes hours more than my old one…!!)
    Good luck with the theme changing and primping (this one does look good ) …I gave up after a while …and settled on my own theme after trying this n’ that, and getting befuddled about what I really wanted…Too many choices and I go around in circles …
    take care and chin up,… always helps me…(well sometimes!) xPenx

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