Oh well!

Me 05/02/11

Me trying out my new webcam 05/02/11

Wouldn’t you just know it. I’m just a couple of days away from getting a hard line internet connection and my dongle decides that it will start receiving a steady G3 signal after it has been very erratic in the signal it receives! Such is life. At least it gives me the chance to enter something a bit more meaningful than my quick entries via my Blackberry.
The new flat now looks like a home (don’t look at the mess, we have no storage for anything yet).
I’m still jobhunting.
I’ve not written anything creative 😦
I read several great books.
I finally went out on my cycle the other day after a long layoff (lazy).

I have a webcam 🙂 (in anticipation of chatting with my sister regularly via Skype).
I was at my old neighbours house one afternoon last week. She had baked a cake and we were sat chatting, munching her wonderful baking and drinking Earl Grey tea. I’ve had Earl Grey tea many times (not a real favourite) but her tea was really enjoyable so I decided that I would treat myself to a small box in my weekly shop. Yesterday I decided I’d make a pot of the tea and it was not as I had hoped and was more like the dishwater I remember of old.

So I’m thinking to myself what was it about her making of the tea that made it so nice. Of course her company helped, she became a good friend in the year we were neighbours. Then there was her baking, she is a great cook and just loves to bake. Then the penny dropped, she is vegetarian and doesn’t use cows milk, instead she uses soya milk which is much sweeter and obviously helped with the flavour of the tea. Now I know many of you will be thinking “milk in Earl Grey!” but that’s just me.

The other thing that has dominated in the past is public transport and I’m really happy to report that over the last month my experiences on it have been pretty good though I did see that ticket prices are due to rise this weekend. I’m not going to complain about that though as fuel and wages are bound to have increased along with our local council making cuts in funding public transport along with plans to lay off over a thousand staff. This final news didn’t fill me with much confidence when it comes to my job hunting.

One final thing for today, after sleeping in a single bed (more of a bunk really) for the last year or so, I finally have a lovely big double bed to sleep in once again. This wondrous piece of furniture arrived last week and already I find I’m spread out on this wonderful expanse of mattress and get interestingly tangled in the  tent of a quilt overnight. Oh the joys of sleeping in a real bed :)


  1. Your coming back on line was obviously meant to happen this week, Trevor!

    It’s good to hear that you are getting settled, and your experiences with public transport have improved.

    • Hey aquatom, it feels good to have a constant connection again and maybe you’re right about it being meant to happen this week. I admit I’m looking forward to having a fast connection, it means I can use Skype to chat to my sister (and anyone else if you contact me first) which is not possibly with 3G.

  2. great uplifting blog, Trevor, glad to read that everything is slowly falling into place… It’s odd, but sometimes we go through upheaval to find a better ‘place’ in our lives… and I do hope this is yours.
    I used to ride a bicycle around hereabouts, but we have a lot of hilly roads, great for cycling out and down hill but ohh!! the uphill coming back and a pain in the …!!! … Walking is my new hobby!!
    catch you soon, and I bet you’ll be ‘creative’ within no time…xPenx

  3. Very good dad. And yes, the current job market is dreadful, which is why I’ve been writing into schools to ask if I could volunteer.

    I’ve also applied for a nursery apprenticeship so, fingers crossed.

  4. oh great to have your words back Trevor!
    sounds like things are really coming together/falling into place.

    sometimes timing really is everything, isn’t it?

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