7 Little Things…. | Poems ‘n Stuff

7 Little Things…. | Poems ‘n Stuff.

I read the above blog post and thought what an honest entry this was and like Pen I’m not going to be awarding any other blogs with awards, I just like the idea of an ‘honesty’ post.

Here are 7 Little Things about me:

1) I am colourblind! Not a great affliction I know but it prevented me from joining the Navy, my first career choice whilst still at school. It has blighted my clothes buying experience all my life, I only buy black, blue or red clothing. It even nearly prevented me from passing my HGV driving test and I had to prove that I know the traffic light sequence rather than relying on the colours alone (they are red, red/amber, green – green, amber, red – I see red, red/red, white – white, red, red (if I see a red light I know I have to stop or be prepared to stop)), great when I’m driving at night through a town with orange (red) street lighting 😀

2) At many levels I hate the human species! We are wrecking the planet we call home at an alarming rate yet our leaders give little more than lip service to it in return, they are more worried about the financial cost than the planetary cost. Our children’s children will look back to our time in history and never forgive us.

3) I love to be surrounded by talented people. At school I hung out with the best musicians, sports players, artists etc. Throughout my life I’ve found that I make friends easily with this sort of person and just love being in their company. I don’t find myself overawed by the person but I am in awe of their talent and simply enjoy listening to them talk, make music, watching them play their sport or paint/draw.

4) I cannot do heights! I mean no more than a handful of rungs on a ladder, I can’t bear to look out of windows higher than the third of fourth floor, I get dizzy stood on a chair! I have flown a few times but I really have to build myself up for it, take off is a living nightmare!

5) I hate curry! The smell, the taste, everything about it makes me feel ill!

6) I enjoy nothing better than sitting down wasting an afternoon or evening with a good chin wag and good friends over a few pots of coffee or tea (and cake and/or cookies). Without doubt I would choose this activity over almost any other, trouble is I seem to be short of said good friends at the moment and rarely get to partake in this activity.

7) I have small hands, already my daughters hands are as big as mine. I guess that’s why I never persisted with a musical instrument in my youth, I could barely make chords on a guitar, piano/keyboard was a definite no-no, I loved bashing the drums though, shame I’m a bit short on rhythm 😉

That was much harder than I thought it would be.

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  1. I hope you don’t mind if I write a similar post in a few days… should be interesting. I say should because right now I can’t think of one thing, let alone seven! Oh, apart from the curry… but I always think of curry…

    • Aquatom, the original idea for the post wasn’t mine, I pinched it from penpusherpen and she used the idea from seeing it on another blog, so fire away 🙂

  2. this was a lovely post, Trevor. thanks for the “honest post” – i feel like i know that much better.

    although i don’t get 5 – like aquatom1968, i’m pretty much always thinking about curry…

    • Curry! The bane of my life yet I know I’m in a very small minority when it comes to disliking it. At one time I rented rooms above a curry house, it was a desperate time in my life 😉

      • haha! it would have been a gluttonous time in my life…can’t get enough of the stuff.

  3. I know what you mean Trevor, It is really hard to think of things you feel may be of interest, never mind finding 7 of them….
    and great to have an idea of what goes on in other peoples mind don’t you think? if only in a small way…,at the moment no/2 is really on my mind…I just had to write that poem and try to get the feeling across..,thanks for sharing and a good read it was too…Curry? I can take it or leave it…(but never a really hot one!!) ,xPenx

    • It was so much harder than I thought it would be Pen but thank you for posting it first and letting me carry on the process. Like you say, it’s hard to imagine what someone else might find interesting

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