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You may or may not have noticed that I’ve made a couple of changes to my blog. One is aimed at making my blog a bit less cluttered with widgets, the other is something I’ve noticed appearing on other blogs which I think is a great idea.

You will notice two new links above:

This is basically my blogroll along with links to other websites that I often frequent. Hopefully this will evolve to include more blogs as I discover them. At the moment the blogs appear in random order, this is not quite as it appears and there is a certain amount of favouritism in the way they are ordered 😉

I’ve added this page as I can envisage my blogroll widget growing out of all proportion as I discover new blogs I enjoy visiting and reading. I really hope visitors here take a look and find other great blogs to visit, in fact you can safely assume that I recommend them to you.

The other links on this page are in alphabetical order.

I’ve noticed this becoming almost viral on many blogs, I’m not one who normally follows trends but I think this one is a great addition to any blog. If you visit this page you might discover I’m a bit of a Sci-Fi freak, I always read such pages on other blogs if they exist.

Onto other matters; I was thinking about honey as I enjoyed it spread lavishly over the couple of slices of toast that was my lunch. It reminded me of a TV programme that I watched over the weekend. I’ve been really enjoying the Human Planet series on the BBC and I watched the latest episode in total awe as one tribesman risked life and limb (and anaphylactic shock) to obtain honey for his family. Whilst I sat munching my toast I got to thinking how much humanity has lost touch (especially us westerners) with the real world. There is this man daily risking his life forty odd feet up a tree for some treasured honey and all I had to do was risk my local store on any afternoon, spend a couple of quid and enjoy it at my leisure. Which one of us is really out of touch?

I know it’s all about where we live but I really do think that at times civilisation has gone too far and wouldn’t it be so much better if we’d never left the trees. I know everyone will have different thoughts about it but on days when I do think along those lines I get all philosophical about such things. Perhaps it’s time I put the kettle on for a brew? Green tea with honey 😀



  1. hmm, like the new set up, Trevor, but I don;t know about going back to the simple life, what about broadband?.. 😉 and I suppose you could put the same slant on most of our food that we take for granted, such as how many complicated procedures bring our food to the table,
    I love honey, especially on my breakfast cereal, and I will now appreciate all the more…
    Bon appetit..xPenx

    • Hi Pen,
      You are of course right in that everything we eat now is far removed from how we as humans first ate it, it was just the honey I had today and what I had watched on TV that got me thinking about honey in particular.
      I’ve not tried honey on my breakfast unless it’s already there as a coating, I might try it on my cornflakes sometime though, sounds good 🙂

  2. I’m liking the new look Trevor… very atmospheric! 🙂

    • Thanks aquatom, I had this all planned before I lost my net connection, now I’ve finally got it sorted for a while. I do like to change things though, especially around New Year so I don’t see this design lasting indefinitely.

  3. oh, i like the new look and the new pages – the “book shelf” especially!
    *blush* – being included on your links page, thank you, this is really flattering.

    have to agree with you on the food thing – i always to try take a moment to think about my food before consuming. we are really lucky to live here and now and really, we can’t go back to the trees at this point. but i think we can honour and remember that our situation is not shared by all of humanity – food is not easy for everyone.

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