NASA Face in Space

Space Shuttle Endeavour

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NASA Face in Space.

As a bit of a laugh and to get my name/photo involved in a bit of history (in a very minuscule way), late last year I applied to have my name and digital image flown on the last ever flight of the Space Shuttle. All this will hopefully now go ahead on the 19th April, it was originally scheduled for 27th February but for whatever reason the last two flights of the Shuttle have been delayed. I’ve no idea why but I’m really looking forward to this happening and to receive my certificate after the landing of Shuttle Endeavour which is planned to be a 14 day flight. If you’re interested in getting your name/photo included follow the NASA Face in Space link above.

I’m a bit of a NASA freak, I have the website bookmarked and spend quite a bit of time there looking at everything new they discover and occasionally looking back on things I remember from my youth. I was 8 years old when man first walked on the moon and can remember sitting up with my Dad watching history unfold until I fell asleep, I didn’t miss that first step and those immortal words though. Space flight has become a bit overlooked by the general public these days, I guess there are possibly more important things on peoples minds, for me I’m still as excited by space exploration as that kid was 40 years ago.

The latest thing to excite NASA are stereo images of the sun Click here if you’re interested

Not much else going on my world today yet the day seems to have flown by. Oh well.

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  1. this is way cool.

    i think space exploration is still an excellent thing to do – but have to admit i get distracted with a lot of day-to-day stuff…i figure if the aliens want us to find them, they will call.

  2. I was interested in the latest news on their space telescope, which has it’s ‘eye’ trained on a small spot in deep space, where they’ve discovered new possibly life sustaining plantes revolving round a bright star…Space is the final frontier when all said and done…but we seem to just ignore most of Nasa’s ‘doings’ in our day to day existence…Thanks for the update Trevor…xPenx

  3. Planets not plantes…bad typist alert!!

    • I worked it out 😉

      I’ve been interested in their search for other life sustaining planets as well. I’ve no idea of the criteria they set or how they discern what could be described as life sustaining, how they can tell anything is a science in itself. All very fascinating stuff though.

  4. Send your name to Mars too – get involved Space Exploration is mind expanding!

    • Thanks for bringing that to our attention, I think I’ll be sending my name to Mars as well 🙂

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  2. STS-134 Endeavour Screen shots of lift off « Trev's Telautograph
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