One of my hobbies….

…that I can no longer participate in is photography.

At one time I owned quite a decent Digital SLR camera along with a couple of all purpose lenses, for reasons that are far to complex and personal I no longer own the camera but from time to time I sit here and look through the photos I took with the camera. Along with the usual family stuff I liked to get out and explore, taking photos of all sorts of things. Here are a few of my favourites that can also be viewed at my gallery along with many more I thought worth sharing, you can view my gallery by clicking on any of the photos below.

This was taken at a travelling funfair that visited the town I lived in.

This is a thatched church that hides away in the Suffolk countryside.

Beach huts at Southwold, Suffolk

I also enjoy watching local non league football and after getting permission to photograph at the game I would spend my time shooting photos, some were used on club websites and in programmes.



  1. wow. nice pics Trevor.

    i’ll take longer looks when i’m home, home..

  2. Great photos, Trevor!
    I like the ones where you have captured the moment mid-air – the footballers who were jumping, the fireworks and the birds in flight. And the perspective of the others is great too!
    You’ve made me want to go out and get a camera now… I currently have to use my mobile phone, and it takes that long to take a photo not only is the subject out of shot – they are in the next county!!!

    • It’s not a cheap hobby to start with but at least modern Digital cameras make it more accessible as you don’t have to worry about getting them printed at Boots before you see how bad they really are.
      Like any hobby it takes practice, time and yet more practice. I was told by a pro photographer that if I ever got to the point where 1 in 10 photos were decent, I could consider myself a decent amateur togger (photographer). I never got even close to that but once in a while magic would happen, some of the results are on my gallery.

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