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I’ve written a lot today, words have poured out of me and they still keep coming. I’ve no idea if this is a good or a bad thing but I need to be writing today. My fingers ache, probably because of the way I type but the words keep on coming, I have to write them down! Three poems have found their way onto the net today, two here and one elsewhere (you’ll find it if you know where to look). I’m not sure about the second one on here but the words come and I hit the keys.

Once again I’ve spent a Sunday listening to music, driving my daughter batty with my music choice. We even had friends visit this afternoon and they ended up having to have music in the background, it doesn’t make me the perfect host does it now? We did talk about music though but then we often do though our tastes are very different. We talk about films we’ve seen as well, again our choices differ wildly but it makes for a great afternoon over pots of tea (no cookies or cake today though 😦 ).

Talking of films, my daughter and I had our usual Saturday night DVD evening. This week we got five (yes 5) films. The DVD rental shop does an offer on older releases where you can rent five for £5 and you get to keep them for a week. So last night we watched Hairspray, well my daughter did, I cooked. Then we watched Monster House, an animated creepy for kids, which we both enjoyed. Then it was time for the main feature, this was one I’ve been trying to convince my daughter we should watch for ages and yesterday she finally agreed to get it. We watch UP, brilliant! I’m so pleased she finally agreed to get it and she thoroughly enjoyed it. We have two more films to watch, The Golden Compass and a feature length Tom & Jerry, I guess we’ll watch them during the week when nothing else is on.

I should really take a soak, my head is still full of thoughts and I need to relax. I seem to be struggling to get any sleep yet I don’t feel tired during the day either. I’ve really enjoyed all this music and writing but I’m going to have to stop sometime soon otherwise my fingers are going to seize up, then they’ll have no escape.



  1. Hi Trevor : I can sympathise with the need to almost empty your brain of ideas for poetry etc : and finding that you can’t switch off to enable sleep at night: it’s a problem that you’d love to find an antidote for. I’ve seen ‘UP’, just fantastic as you say & I’d recommend Golden Compass any day, they did justice to the book: Penx

    • Hi Pen, What I’d like to happen is to be able to keep the words memorised until I get some sleep, then whilst trying to get sleep, they didn’t invade my thoughts all the time whilst still having them fresh in my memory in the morning.

      We loved UP and I’m sure we’ll watch it again before we return them. I’m looking forward to The Golden Compass, I never got round to reading the book but I know people that have read it and seen the film, they all give the same recommendation you have.

  2. I use a voice recorder Trevor, saves all my ideas & since I’ve kept it by my bed at night i’ve not had any problems losing sleep or ideas for a while now. xx

    • I might try that, I have a voice recorder on my phone. Poor phone does everything for me, it reminds me of my appointments, wakes me up if I need an alarm in the mornings, alerts me to any important emails, now a voice recorder……….LOL

      I bet I still lose sleep thinking about stuff though 😉

  3. what a wonderful day Trevor. i’m envious for all the music – your words make me less lonely for sounds of home.

    excellent choice of movies – may i suggest try watching “Hairspray”, it isn’t on any level as the original, but it is a pretty fun ride.

    oh “Up!” what an excellent movie. i’m so happy you enjoyed and will again soon. (i saw it 3D and it almost made me ill with all the “looking down”, the doggies are my fav part).

    love that the words are gushing forth!

    • The fact that Hairspray is a musical puts me off more than anything else, I just don’t get musicals, all that singing and dancing for no reason. Breaking out in song at the slightest emotion……….not for me I’m afraid but then it’s a good thing we all like different things.

      UP was brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed it, my fave character is the bird, oh and that stupid talking dog they meet first, I sat with tears rolling down my cheeks as he’s attempting to take the bird hostage, being dragged along by the bird as if he’s not even there…hilarious 😀

  4. The Golden Compass. It’s a very interesting film, but if you’ve read the book [The Northern Lights] you won’t enjoy it as much as could be enjoyed. They changed it around far too much and made it much more ‘kid friendly’

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