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I’m munching through a bowl of rice krispies as I start to write this entry, yeah I know, I just got the munchies and a bowl of cereal is better than cookies or cake isn’t it? Well, I’m munching, trying to get my thoughts in some sort of order, I rarely write with notes, even my poetry is often the result of 15 or 20 minutes of madness/emotion/hair tearing rather than considered thought and writing. Back to ‘Well, I’m munching’ thinking about food (obviously). I’ve not written about my adventures in cooking for a while and to be honest after my local supermarket got in a new range of ready meals from a top brand for £1 a pop, I’m not going to be writing to much about how I love to roast veg’s with honey dribbled all over them.

I can’t believe the range that BirdsEye now have within the brand, I got enough boxes of ready meals to feed us the rest of the week for a tenner! For instance, tonight we had Spag Bol (I added a few oven chips to mine, being a greedy so & so). I couldn’t have bought the minced beef for what the whole meal cost! As I’m on such a tight budget I could give the manager of my local supermarket a big hug for stocking these new el-cheapo meals just for me.

The thing I like about my local supermarket is that it is really local, I mean local as in they only have shops in Norfolk. They get a lot of their fresh produce and morning goods (bread etc) from local Norfolk producers, milk comes from across the highly guarded and quite dangerous border along the Waveney Valley from Suffolk though (they do spuffle, dunt they? ). They also have quite a decent hardware section where you can buy paint in just about any colour you want, wallpapers, bicycle spares, carpet, laundry bins etc. They have a nice little garden section that always seems well stocked (not that I visit that section, I don’t even have a window box to call my own). All in all it’s a nice place to shop and support local businesses at very sensible prices.

I’m now enjoying a mug of green tea with honey and it appears I’ve bored you all silly about my local supermarket. Oh, I’m not Norfolk born and bred, they just let me in because they like me 😉 I’m from Bucks originally and I moved to Suffolk in ’84. The people of Norfolk felt so sorry for me that they smuggled me over the border in ’86 and I’m almost accepted these days. I still ‘spuffle’ (to waffle or speak pompously, depending on the circumstance) but they don’t seem to mind too much, I mean they let me live in Norridge.

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  1. Ah, so to spuffle is to waffle! I love learning new words! Thanks, Trevor!
    I also love oven chips with spag bol…

    • Spag Bol and chips is one of my favourites, comfort food at it’s best 😉

      There are hundreds of Norfolk words floating about, it’s a different language they speak here. When I first moved to Norfolk I was forever asking them to explain what they were talking about. Sadly the dialect is disappearing fast but can still be heard away from the bigger towns.

  2. haha, excellent word. i look forward to using it in conversation, thanks Trevor!

    i love hearing about other people’s supermarkets.

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