A Good Day

Oxfam Bookshop, Norwich

Oxfam Bookshop, Norwich

Finally, after too many months away from it I’m back volunteering in the Oxfam Bookshop here in Norwich! It was great to be back in there helping out once again. This morning I was with one of the regulars and although he had been volunteering in the shop over a year I met for the first time a working man that also volunteers a few hours as and when he can. There was a lot of talk, catching up on everyone’s news, me getting to grips with the changes made in the shop but amazingly I remembered how to use the till! Hopefully I’ve also sorted things so that I can do my work placement at this shop, this will ease my conscience no end. It also appears that because I’ve set something up in place of that placement at the supermarket last week by myself, there will be no consequences to follow after I walked out. Good News! 🙂

One of the longer conversations we had this morning between customers is whether our families were takers of photographs on holidays or collectors of postcards. We weren’t talking about now but rather of the past, especially our grandparents. It appears one of the volunteers is a collector of postcards which all started when his family used to buy postcards of holiday destinations whilst on holiday rather than carry a camera and take photos. Mine on the other hand had embraced the then new craze and took photos.

He was saying how precious his postcard collection had become to him over the years and that he had carried on the tradition of always buying



postcards where ever he went. On the other hand I had loads of old family photos of day trips and holidays and even now I’m a keen togger and take photos of everything when I have the chance. As you can imagine my photos are precious to me. It’s strange how our history shapes us in certain ways, even after all this time.

So, bookshop once again and all that temptation! There is a collectable boxed set of E E ‘Doc’ Smith’s Skylark series of books in the display cabinet at the moment and to say I wish I had the £20 to buy the set is an understatement. The set is in lovely condition and it would make a marvellous addition to my small but growing collection. I say growing because over the years I’ve let a lot of my books go and now I’ve only really myself to please I intend to have a serious collection once again. In time I’d like to have something akin to a reading room but for now some nice shelving with some of my favourite books to decorate said shelving. Of course there would also be plenty of read/unread books as I don’t intend to have them there looking pretty, books are there to be read, not admired.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you are back at the bookshop Trevor!

    • Thanks Aquatom, today was one of the best days I’ve had out of the flat in weeks.

  2. ditto what aquatom1968 says, Trevior, must be great to be back.
    also, very happy to know that there will be no fallout from leaving the grocery store – shows just how right your actions and thinking were on that – bravo.

    very interesting discussion about postcards vs pics…this is an interesting look at how habits are formed and what we think of them upon reflection. i love postcards, but am learning how to take pics – it is a strange change.

    you speaking about books makes my heart ache…

    • The discussion lasted nearly all morning with us talking about our memories around certain places and our separate physical aide de mémoire we both have and how much we treasure them.

  3. Happy times again Trevor, great news… and I agree about books, which is why I am not a Kindle fan, other than the Techie side of things… I want to see and feel the book and it’s cover, touch it’s written words etc… and have a bookcase… not a Kindle case../(and anyway…it’s about £140 or thereabouts.)
    and yes, also glad to hear that there’ll be no repercussions to your walkout, there is justice in the world.
    Pictures or old postcards, carry history within them, meaning something to the viewer and capturing a moment in time, but never forgotten as long at the photo’s remain…xx

    • I have Kindle for the PC (free download at Amazon) but I don’t like it much and I’m pretty certain I will never own one. Books are quite magical in their own way and sometimes I just can’t stop myself from buying them (JRR Tolkien, The Silmarillion was added to my collection today, hardback copy for the poultry sum of £3!). I just need to be getting on with the reading of them all now

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