What I can’t say no to?

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What can’t you say no to?

Once again I’m relying on the prompt from the WordPress Daily Post thingy and I’m still struggling to find something to write! See, I found this picture on the net last night that inspired me to write one of my short stories, thing is I don’t think this short story is going to be that short! I’m now making side notes for plot line changes, character interactions and other thoughts about how the story might proceed. All of the previous planning and plotting is something I never do, where this will end (if it ever does end) I find I’m quite intrigued by. As they say, ‘watch this space’.

So I guess I can’t say no to that writing itch that I have (1)

I love the smell of fresh ground coffee, if I’m then offered a mug of said fresh ground coffee I’m there smiling, sitting patiently for it to arrive. So, I can’t say no to fresh ground coffee (2)

Ice Cream: You could scoop out the whole tub for me as soon as you like! I particularly love vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit lavishly applied on top. You can keep any of your fruit sauces in the cupboard and give me the bowl just as it is………….oh and a spoon might be useful, thanks 😉 (3)

Music, I could and quite often do listen to music all day! I can put up with just about any music you care to play. I particularly enjoy live acoustic music in a small venue though I’m just as happy in a 100,000 strong crowd if the musics right. (4)

One more and I think I will have completed the task.


Seriously, this is a long pause!

OK, not one I’m particularly proud of but my tobacco habit. I’ve tried quitting too many times to mention, so I’ll mention it no more (5)

And there we are, not my usual sort of entry at all!

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  1. not your usual sort of entry at all, but very enjoyable. and now we know your weaknesses.

    i hope you had no plans of becoming a superhero – ‘cuz you’ve pretty much given away this info to any archenemies you have out there…are we sure that “post a day” doesn’t have some sort of nefarious agenda?

    • I’ll never be a superhero Bex, no matter how hard I try so if I have any arch enemies I’m already out of the game.

      Thanks for reading and I’m pleased you enjoyed this ‘different’ post.

  2. I enjoyed this post Trevor. I’m with you on some of your ‘can’t say no to’s’
    a) That writing itch – when it starts you just have to give in.
    b) Ground Coffee – I hate! I can trace this back to being a very young child in the early ’50’s & my mum taking me into our local bakery where they had a big coffee grinder just inside the door – I hated the smell & still do. No logic to this I know.
    c) Ice cream, especially vanilla – yes please.
    d) I also enjoy a variety of different sorts of music – Leonard Cohen being my favourite.
    e) Tobacco – managed to give up nearly 40 years ago but sometimes the whiff of cigarette smoke still has a strange pull on me.

    • Thanks for joining the conversation Mike. I can’t explain what the writing itch means to me but I can never fully scratch it to my satisfaction, I’ve always written even if it’s purely for my own private pleasure.

  3. 😀 I had a bit of a problem with this topic… you managed far better than I did, but I was feeling very sorry for myself! And yes, ice cream and fresh coffee, yes please. I think I’m getting there with writing, although I feel I’m a bit ‘abstract’ if that term can be used with writing, but I enjoy it. I like music, but not all of the time, and I don’t smoke (never have), but I would have to agree that there are some things on your list that I would not say no to.
    I like different entries – a change is as good as a rest!

    • Good man Aquatom, I sit here some evenings looking at my ashtray and wonder who smoked all those cigarettes. There are times when I do actually enjoy relaxing with a smoke but most of the time it’s a burden. Daft thing is I can go all day without one if I’m doing something I enjoy. Like many smokers I have the half hearted desire to stop but never really get around to doing anything about it.

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