Monsters V Aliens

Minion spying a "bapple"

Minion spying a "bapple" (Image by msun523 via Flickr)

Another Saturday night, another Movie Night! Tonight we watched Monsters V Aliens which we both found rather disappointing. There were funny ‘bits’ but in general we thought it was a pretty so-so film. I think after last weeks film, when we finally got a working copy, has raised our expectations of these animated films. Despicable Me was brilliant, we have laughed about incidents from the film all week. It is so good that we are considering purchasing it! Not a thing we do that often. The minions are without doubt the stars of the film, some of their antics had me in tears of laughter, quite literally 😀

The thing I’m slowly beginning to get worried about is that there seems to be a rather short supply of films that both my 14 year old daughter and I can watch because of the certifications plus of course the films we might both be interested it watching. Still, we’ve managed it up till now so I hope it can continue (even if it does mean I sit through some of the sloppier films she would like to watch).

The day itself has been very lazy in Trevor Towers, we’ve simply lazed around doing whatever. I did not read as I felt I needed a day off. I tried to have a quiet hour or so to see if anything creative came to me but my creative me still seems to be sleeping. I’m not frustrated about this so much as I was earlier in the week as I feel confident that my creative thoughts are just around the corner, playing peek-a-boo with me.


The Stars of Despicable Me, The Minions

The Stars of Despicable Me, The Minions

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  1. I’ve never seen Monsters V Aliens, but I have heard of it… I didn’t know that it was animated however… Those Minions remind me of the inside of Kinder Eggs! (And I’ve just noticed there’s one of them upside down toward the back there… made me laugh!)

    I love lazy days! I’m having one today!

    I hope you find your ‘creative me’ soon…

    • Lay days are the best, enjoy yours Aquatom

      Those Minions do look a bit like the inners of Kinder eggs, I hadn’t thought of them in that way, they are hilarious characters in the film

  2. I still need to get hold of Despicable Me, so many people are raving about it…and I just love animations at the moment.., Wall-e was one I loved watching too. …and the little additional film from it…(which I can’t remember the name of…It was the little robot who was locked out of the Spaceship!!) I blame my braincells at the mo, as I’m full of a horrible cold, coughing and dying and…did I mention dying? and feeling very sorry for myself!! 😦 Flip just started coughing again…where’s that cough syrup when you need it?…. xPenx

    • I loved Wall-E as well, there is an innocence in these animated films at the moment which is really enjoyable, they are there simply to make you laugh and forget the world for a couple of hours.

      I hope you soon recover from that horrid cold Pen, nasty cold!

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