Stressful yet musical

2009 09 15 187 T881 KLF in Norwich

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Not the day I had hoped for in truth. It appears that my time with my current work advisor is finished. The group he works for is contracted to look after unemployed people at stage 4 (what ever that is) and I’m now to go onto what ever is next. This means that my work placement is also finished but I have decided that I will continue as a volunteer at the shop, this is what I did before so in many ways very little has changed apart from the support of the government funded scheme that covered my travel expenses. I’ll worry about those expenses another day because once the weather gets a little better I can cycle into the city most days.

So, I’m now back under the jobcentre directly for my work support! To be honest I’m dreading this as they are rarely understanding and everything is by the book, rigid. We all have to fit in little boxes so that they can tick us off. It’s not a nice way to be treated at all really but I guess they have so many people to process everyday they can’t afford to be otherwise. I also find it very stressful to attend the jobcentre, I don’t deal with loads of people milling about very well plus there is always an air of confrontation though you rarely see it.

Thinking about loads of people in small places, I had to come home on a bus that was packed to standing. We normally get double deck buses on the route I live on, tonight it was a single deck bus but with the same amount of people attempting to board it. As someone that doesn’t deal to well with these situations I was getting a bit sweaty. Normally I stick my head in what ever book I’m reading but this evening I had the company of a colleague from the shop. It transpires that she has the same problem with people crowded together, so we sat together talking to each other trying to ignore everything else around us. I have to admit I still had sweaty palms when I got off the bus and the walk to Trevor Towers was a joy as I breathed in the cool evening air with relief.

Then there was the empty flat when I got in. My daughter is with her mother for the rest of the week, they are going up to London for a few days visiting family and going to see Justin Bieber on Thursday evening. So that meant no big hug when I got in, no chatting about each others day and worst of all, eating alone. I’ll have to find things to do to occupy myself until she comes back at the weekend, maybe I’ll read even more or maybe I’ll see if I can reawaken my creativity; at least I can play my music without having to wear headphones or getting moaned at 😀


  1. there is always two sides to it, isn’t there.
    not a great day, but playing music without headphones is doubleplus.

  2. not a good day Trevor, but you got through it… and great that your colleague was there to help bus-wise. Shame about your daughter not being there, but take advantage of the chill out time and she’ll be back before you know it, asking you to ‘can it’… 😉 xPenx

    • I had another bus ride like that this morning but I stuck my nose in my book instead. I must admit it was much easier with my colleague yesterday as the journey seemed to go quicker.

  3. I didn’t realise there were different stages of unemployed people, Trevor, but they must know what they are doing at the group thingy. Keep on keeping on and all that! I was never keen on crowded buses either…

    • I will admit, I didn’t realise there were so many stages and I seem to keep going up the stages. With another big local employer going under last week things don’t improve in Norwich.

      Buses, the bain of my life sometimes but I’d be stranded without them

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