Alice in Wonderland

Cover of "Alice in Wonderland"

Cover of Alice in Wonderland

I’ll start with a health update: After over 24 hours sleep in the last 48 hours plus eating like a glut for most of the rest of the time, I’m feeling pretty good again. I will be going to see my doctor on Monday as I seriously don’t want to relive another day like Thursday!

Better things:
Tonight we watched Alice in Wonderland (I know a certain reader will now be interested 😉 ) featuring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and the rather delightful Mia Wasikowska as Alice. Although not what I expected I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think my daughter struggled with it at times but then if my memory is correct, it follows the story better than some of the other productions of the film. Definitely one to watch again as I feel there is more to see in it.

I also finished reading M*A*S*H yesterday. It was more light hearted than I expected but if, like me, you are a fan of the TV show, you will recognise many of the story lines even if the characters in the book have changed places in the TV series. You also meet characters that don’t appear in either film or TV series, which is interesting! Not a bad read but not as good as I thought it might be, one for fans definitely, for someone coming to the book with no preconceived characters and ideas, it may be a bit hit and miss as character building within the book is not so good and it concentrates mainly on their exploits.

N’ that’s me for a Saturday night. Pleased to be in one piece once again.



  1. so happy to know that things are better.

    very happy to know you enjoyed Alice and Wonderland” – have to agree, Mia was charming and lovely to watch in her role. hope you enjoy it on a second viewing- i still need to get around to another viewing. how were the graphics on a smaller scene – i saw in 3D and a critic said that is was better without…

    hope you have a great rest of your week-end!

    • Not having seen the 3D version I don’t think I can really comment other than to say I thought it was visually very good.

      I’m working on enjoying a peaceful weekend thanks Bex.

  2. First off, good to hear you’re feeling better Trevor, and that you have a Docs appointment,
    and secondly, I tried to click ‘like’ twenty times, but it would only take the one..!!!! 😉
    I love Alice In Wonderland, the whole premise, storyline and characters, and of course this particular film is >SPECIAL< , I know I have a particular um, like? for the Actor who need not be named, but his portrayal of The Hatter was so full of depth for me … and the way they CGI'd or whatever to his eyes , WOW!! I have the DVD and can't tell you how many times I've seen it … Thing is Tim Burton is a favourite Director,(dark and gothically moody) and his wife, Helena BC, is another favourite actress, then there's JD, … and the list carries on…. , I am in heaven when I watch it … and I would recommend another viewing, there's so much going on it's hard to take it all in…
    Glad you're in one piece my friend, and have a great Sunday …x

    • The rental DVD may be different but there is a feature on the DVD we watched that shows the process JD goes through to look like The Hatter, those eyes are contact lenses! I guess we are going to have to rent the DVD again as I doubt it’s the sort of film we would purchase but I do think there is more to see and it will definitely be worth another watch.

      I’m taking my Sunday nice and easy Pen, I hope yours is just as easy.

  3. Good news health-wise, Trevor, and I think I may have to have a look at Alice in Wonderland! I’ve heard quite a few good reviews of it!

    • Thanks Aquatom.
      The film is definitely worth a watch. I think it’s aimed at an adult audience whereas all the other versions are mainly for younger viewers. It’s a good night in, get a pizza and enjoy it.

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