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So, the BBC have cancelled Outcasts! Just about the only TV programme I’ve actually made time to watch over the last couple of months and it gets cancelled. I even wrote and complained to the BBC via email (something I never do) because I was that frustrated when I read the show was being shelved.

I see that the Facebook page for the programme has similar angry people posting on it and by the look of things a lot of those people have also complained to the BBC. I think we all got the same polite reply and it appears that the programme will not be returning to our screens any time soon, if ever. I think we are most upset by the way it was left hanging on a cliff hanger story line, we now get no completion of the story, it’s like buying a book to find that half the pages are missing!

To be honest I feel cheated of my licence money now! I know they can’t please everyone all the time but there is so little Sci-Fi drama on terrestrial TV that running one show, even on BBC 3 or 4 for us Sci-Fi lovers would great.

I guess it’s back to watching DVD’s then, there isn’t much else on the TV worth watching. I guess I’m not a target audience as I’m not interested in how ‘celebrities’ can’t dance or what ever else that is cheap to produce mass audience TV.

Rant over 😉

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  1. I know what you mean Trevor, so many decisions made arbitrarily by faceless people at the BBC as if they know best what ‘we’ enjoy watching. Another gripe I have is the way they move programmes around and hold them back when there’s some ‘happening’ … something they consider the British public MUST see. Makes my blood boil, as they have a news channel, in fact there’s so many news channels out there it’s a wonder they’re not ‘making ‘ it up!! hm? I wonder? xPenx

    • I think what annoys me most about it all is that the BBC are supposed to cater for minority audiences! I must be belong to such a tiny audience group that I’m on my own, or that’s how it feels at times. I can’t afford subscription TV so I’m stuck with free to air channels. From my point of view they offer very little in the way of minority programming these days……..oh well, c’est la vie

  2. I’ve never seen Outcasts, but I recognise the feelings when an enjoyable show has been cancelled. Not the best! If they’ve had lots of complaints, they may bring it back as a new series or a series of specials to tie up the loose ends… you never know!

    • It wasn’t for everyone but it’s just so annoying. You devote that time simply to find it was wasted and you will never know how it ends. I guess we could make up our own ending but that’s not how it should be.
      Aunty BBC has pretty much stood firm that it won’t be tying up any loose ends on this series. 😦

  3. i hate it when this happens.
    this is why people turn to fan fiction.

    • You are right Bex, thing is I’ve never found Fan Fiction very good. Perhaps I’m looking at the wrong Fan Fiction sites.

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