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March 27 2011, Census Day

March 27 2011, Census Day

Two post today as I couldn’t get anything posted last night. I gather WP were having a few problems.

I’ve been a good boy today and I filled in my census 2011 form on line. I wasn’t looking forward to it but you actually give more info away signing up to an email provider than you do on the census form. I was expecting to fill a ‘life story’ but thankfully it was a matter of confirming my address, then a multiple choice form. Census day is Sunday and I gather everyone is supposed to complete it as if it were the 27th, which is no problem for me as I will have no visitors and I’ll not be elsewhere.

It’s also the start of good ole BST on Sunday so we lose an hours sleep ๐Ÿ˜ฆ At least the evenings will be even better. The evenings have already started to get lighter and with weather like we had here in Norwich today, it can only be a good thing.

I also bought yet another book today! This is one that is a companion to my complete DVD collection of the Carry On films. The book is ‘What a Carry on: The Official Story of the Carry on Film Series’. I know they are all pretty dated and towards the end they became rather smutty instead of funny but I love them, especially the early ones. I can regularly be found watching one of them when I have a couple of hours that needs filling over a weekend. You just have to laugh sometimes, otherwise we would all be in a bad way.


Carry On Cleo

Carry On Cleo, one of my favourite Carry On films


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  1. So it’s this weekend when the clocks change… I knew it must be due but wasn’t sure when. Thanks for the reminder, Trevor!

    I have seen lots of Carry On films, but they all seem to have merged into one ‘big memory’ in my mind (probably due to that ‘Carry On Laughing’ compilation series form several years ago) so I don’t really remember them that clearly. Screaming and Spying seem to stand out.

    And yes, the census wasn’t too bad. I answered mine as truthfully as I could back when I did it, but I think my plans may have changed since then. I’ll keep quiet about them, I think…

    • Everyone remembers the Barbara Windsor films yet the best ones are probably those without her in them, which thankfully is the large majority. We were discussing favourites in the bookshop after I purchased the book and ‘Screaming’ and ‘Spying’ seem to be the most popular there as well. Of course ‘Khyber’ got a vote or two as did my favourite but in truth I enjoy them all apart from ‘Emmanuelle’ and we won’t even discuss ‘Columbus’ as we don’t count that one anyway.

  2. I’m all ready to compete my census form, Trevor, on the dot on the 27th, I know you can complete it earlier online, but somehow I love filling in forms personally sometimes. Makes it more um..personal? ๐Ÿ™‚ … I can’t really say I enjoy the Carry On Films I’ve managed to catch sight of on TV, but one I did see (MY ex had a copy) was Carry ON Screaming, and that one made me laugh so much. and I agree, laugh more live longer, or maybe it just seems that way? ๐Ÿ˜€ xPenx

    • Pen, I hate form filling so to find I could do it on line was fantastic. I zipped through it about five minutes ๐Ÿ˜€
      At least you’ve seen one of the best Carry On’s but then out of the 29 made, I think I’d have to choose at least 10 as a favourite with non taking an outright top position

  3. oh census! Canada got rid of the long census forms and this was this horrid uproar when it happened. and online? never happen here. sometimes i think we are very, very behind in these things.

    never seen any of “Carry On”, perhaps i should make some time to explore…

    • I think it’s just my hate for form filling really as I wouldn’t normally bother with doing it on line, I simply spotted the option when I was reading through the first page of the form.

      Carry On’s are a peculiarly British phenomenon, the humour is also VERY British but if you do find one to watch I would be interested to know what you think of it.

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