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I had to nip down the supermarket late this evening as I noticed we were running low on milk. Whilst down there I had a quick sneeky peek at the cheap ‘going out of date’ chiller and I picked up a punnet of strawberry’s for 19p! So tonight we had fresh strawberry’s and ice cream after our meal, yummy 😀

I was also very naughty again today, I bought yet more books for my ever burgeoning (none existent) bookshelf. At the moment my books line along the floor in my bedroom but I’m soon going to have to invest in some proper shelving. I’m also going to have to read a lot faster, I seem to be reading 1 to every 4 books I buy at the moment………not good! Apart from my Bookshelf page, I now keep my reading habits up to date at Goodreads. if anyone else is registered there, let me know, we could adopt each other as friends on that site. Thing is you have to be a member to view anyone’s profile, so unless you’re interested in keeping your reading habits up to date on line, then it’s not really worth it.

I’ve also had a decent week on the job hunting front. Not that I expect to get even an interview but there have been five jobs that I’ve been able to apply for this week, varying from Care & Activity Assistant at a special needs school through to a van driver for Barnardos. Barnardos have a second hand furniture shop in the city which is where I’ve bought most of the furniture in our flat, good quality furniture at very reasonable prices.

Out of all of them I really would like a chance at the Care & Activity Assistant position, to know that you are bringing some light and fun into a life just has to be worth so much.

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  1. strawberries and ice cream, new books, new job possibilities?
    wow! so many positives, so much potential!
    excellent to know Trevor – looking forward to hearing all…

    • Today was full of possibilities Bex, I’m hoping for many more with perhaps one of them giving me a chance to prove myself

  2. you nearly ran out of milk, Trevor? ~~!!THUD!!~~ Pen has fainted dead away…( I have a phobia about having enough milk. I ALWAYS have at least 2x4pts in my fridge!! ALWAYS!!) … breathe!!
    Yummy to Strawberries and cream. and good ‘vibrations’ coming your way, in the hope that you receive good news about the Care & Activity post. xPenx

    • Awh Pen, I’m sorry, I forgot about your phobia, I should have set a warning 😦 On a brighter note, I bought milk again today so we have plenty in the fridge now.
      Those strawberry’s were wonderful, I can’t wait for the local ones to be in the stores, I don’t know why but Norfolk grown strawberry’s are wonderful.

  3. I want some strawberries! And strawberries and ice cream sound like a nice weekend treat. I think you can probably guess what I’ll be buying tomorrow! 😀

    Good vibes from me too, Trevor!

    • They are still quite expensive at the moment Aquatom but if you can find a bargain like I did, go for it and enjoy.

      Thanks for the good vibes, they are all very welcome

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