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Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour 2011

I added my name to the WWF Earth Hour register this evening. If you’re interested in registering simply click the image above and you will be taken to the WWF Earth Hour website.

Tomorrow here in Norwich, the Norwich Carbon Reduction Trust plan to have an engagement stall in the city centre as well as encouraging local stores and restaurants to both take part and do other things like asking people not to take plastic bags on that day. As I will be in the city tomorrow, I might just look in on their stall.

I’m not what you would call an eco warrior but I do my bit. In Norwich we are one of very few councils that recycle waste food and have special waste food bins that are emptied every week. Then of course there is the glass (again separate bins), waste paper and plastic then general waste. I think I put more in the three recycle bins than I ever put in the general waste. Often I throw away just one bag of general waste over one two week period. I’m happy to do this and our local council make this an easy option, I just hope it’s all worth it in the end.

I brought home yet more books today! I really must stop this gathering books habit that I’ve got into, for one I can’t afford it! At least I will have plenty to read over the coming weeks 😉 I guess this might also be classed as recycling because the books I bring home have now found a good resting place until I’m no longer around to look after them.

What a glorious week it has been! Plenty of warm spring sunshine, cool evenings and now the prospect of those evenings getting longer as we enter BST and summer itself. I just can’t wait to find myself sitting in some park enjoying the long summer evenings with my nose in a good book.

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  1. wha – ?
    earth hour is this week-end?!

    thanks for the reminder Trevor, i almost missed it…

  2. I’ve been a member of the WWF for a while now Trevor, and their work is always one which I follow with interest, making sure that people everywhere are aware of the situation World Wide. I also try and do my damnedest to recycle everything I can, and have a garden recycler as-well and a recycle bin. I just wish the plastic manufacturers and users would get together and use one kind which would be easily recyclable… it would save so many headaches.
    It seems so much colder here today, and we’re on the cusp of British Summer Time….shiver!!
    I hope tomorrow brightens and it’s then full steam ahead to the warmer weather… It’d help Bess with her Arthritis too!! 😀 xPenx

    • I know what you mean about the plastics, some can be recycled, some can’t. It’s the same with foil backed cardboard that a some food gets packaged in, it’s non recyclable which is crazy!
      I hope it warms up tomorrow as well, bloommin cold here today. I can just imagine you and Bess all cuddled up under a blanket watching a film or something, I hope you are both warm this evening.

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