A Day Trip! Well maybe….

Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, Norwich

Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, Norwich (Image by Xavier de Jauréguiberry via Flickr)

My weekly trawl through the back ends of the BBC News website today found me looking at something that really interests me and it may even involve a day out!

I think you may already have noticed that I’m a bit of a Science Fiction geek, well it seems that The British Library is to hold a Science Fiction Exhibition over the summer months. The exhibition is called Out of this World: Science Fiction but not as you know it The Exhibition is open from Fri 20 May 2011 – Sun 25 Sep 2011, it will be held in the PACCAR Gallery and entry is free. A day trip up to the Smoke methinks

While I was on the subject of a day out, I had a look at the website for The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, I literally live about a ten minute walk from this place yet I’ve never visited it, perhaps I should. At the moment they have an exhibition called Basketry: Making Human Nature which looks very interesting. Then over the summer they have an exhibition of photography called A World Observed 1940 – 2010: Photographs by Dorothy Bohm, again something I would find very interesting as I enjoy photography.

I guess these sorts of events are on everyone’s doorstep if only we were to search them out. I enjoy a day at the museum and we have a fantastic museum right here in Norwich yet I’ve only visited it twice in the 20 odd years I’ve lived in Norfolk yet they have regular art exhibitions. Perhaps it’s time I started looking a bit deeper into what is on offer here right on my doorstep, Norwich is an old city with plenty to offer yet I seem to ignore most of it, perhaps through ignorance or more likely, not taking the time to open my eyes to what is around me.

I sound like a tourist information pamphlet tonight

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  1. you made me smile with your ‘Tourist info pamphlet’ comment, Trevor, but then I find that people rarely see what’s on their own doorstep. (me included) and it’s so easy nowadays to get the information online, up-to date, to the minutest detail on what you can go to and search out and experience locally, and more times than not, it’s not that expensive, and at best it’s free… wishing you Happy Times Discovering Norwich, xPenx
    (I am a DR Who fan, David Tennant and Matt Smith being my favorite-st Drs , but I totally missed the fact that Torchwood, is a whatchamacallit of Doctor Who? daft eh? you would have thought a staunch fan would know that, but oh no… I missed it, I must go and hand in my ‘I Love DR Who’ badge.. . 🙂 )

    • Here in Norwich we have a Norfolk and Norwich Festival every May yet until yesterday I knew very little about it. On reading their website there is something that is free to attend nearly every day of the festival http://www.nnfestival.org.uk/
      I really should take more notice of what is going on around me!
      I’m not going to rub it in but even I knew about Torchwood and I’m not a massive Dr Who fan (apart from Karen Gillan (Amy), she has the most gorgeous red hair! 😉 )

  2. If you go to London, please enjoy it! I like museums, but don’t get to go very often. I visited the Science Museum in Manchester a few years ago when they had a Star Trek exhibition on (I touched Jean-Luc Picard’s desk – yes I did!!! 8), but I like normal museums too!

    I love Doctor Who and Torchwood… I knew they were connected!

    • If I get to London I will enjoy it without doubt, that exhibition looks like a really good day out.
      I’m sooooo jealous, Picards desk!
      Poor Pen, is she the only one not to know about Torchwood? 😉

  3. oh! love the tourist info! the sci-fi exhibition sounds like it is worth taking a trip for.

    don’t be too hard on Pen, i missed Torchwood too, then i got caught up, then i got totally ticked at “Children of Earth” – seriously, ticked. if i hadn’t been so late to the party, i would have sent coffee beans to the creators.

    completely jealous that Aquatom touched Picard’s desk…Sexiest. Star Trek Captain. Ever. (he also totally rocked in “Jeffery”, not sci-fi at all).

    now i want to come to London…

    • I’d really like to think that going to see that Sci-Fi exhibition is possible for me, I’ll have to see what travel bargains are around, sometimes the coaches do deals over the summer into London from here.
      I’ve not seen Children of Earth so I can’t comment.

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