Pancake Day

Our family unit grew by 33% today after the arrival of our little kitten called Pancake. My daughter named him when she first saw him a few weeks ago and today was the day for him to travel and to join us in his new home.

Like any kitten he is inquisitive, and downright nosy! He seems to have settled in very quickly in fact and has already eaten a little, which is unusual. Anyway, I know you’re itching to see him so here are a couple of rather grainy photos I took just a few minutes ago:

Pancake The Kitten

Pancake The Kitten (Click To Enlarge)

Pancake The Kitten

Pancake The Kitten (Click To Enlarge)

I know I’ve been naughty not posting these last couple of days but Thursday I was so tired I was in bed asleep by 9pm. Last night I sat down in front of the TV (shock horror!) and watched the Top Of The Pops thing on BBC4.

Hardly PostADay is it?

I’ve also added a new page called the 30 Day Song Challenge which I will be adding to every day through April and then leaving there for posterity, Your comments are most welcome on that of course.

Finally, for today, I started yet another book! I’m reading more than I ever thought I would just lately, either I’m bored or getting very lucky on my book choices just recently πŸ˜‰



  1. Aww, Trevor, little Pancake looks adorable…, and has more than likely wrapped both your hearts around her little paws. Happy reading my friend, and many happy years of doing what the little puddy tat wants!! πŸ˜€ , (there speaks the voice of experience,, Coming Bess!! ) xPenx

    • I love both cats and dogs and have been around both most of my life so either are great to have around in my eyes and yes, he has already wrapped us both around his little paws πŸ˜‰
      The reading is something that seems to have taken over my life, I keep buying more books and they pile up but for me it is better entertainment than just about anything else.

  2. I love cats. Pancake is very cute!

    • It’s an awful thing to admit to for a grown man but I agree with you Aquatom πŸ˜€

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