Not my usual Thursday

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Norwich UK city skyline (Image via Wikipedia)

First up today I had to attend the jobcentre, I had a review of where I stand as far as the jobcentre are concerned. We chatted about my job searches and how I could look into other careers or avenues of employment (something I do anyway but these things have to be written down by the jobcentre). We chatted about my volunteering for Oxfam and how that was going.

All in all it was simply covering old ground but I guess we have to go through these reassessments every so often. I also have a new signing time, the lady asked if this time was suitable? How can I say anything other than yes, it’s fine? After all I have all day every day to get there and do the necessary.

On my way home I got a call from a friend who had asked me if I wanted his old TV when his new one arrived? His new TV arrived today and he said his sister was ready to deliver his old one to me when I got home. So we now have a bigger screen TV thanks to my friend getting an even bigger screen TV 😀 At least my daughter is happy that we now have this huge thing sat in one corner of the room but I’m really grateful to my friend. This is the second TV he has passed on to me, the first will now go into my daughters bedroom. If anyone has a nice sofa and a couple of bookcases they don’t want and can deliver to Norwich, I make a mean mug of tea (or pot of real coffee) in way of payment……….. 😀

I then had a walk down the local shopping precinct to get a few odds and ends we needed (ice cream and a bolognese sauce for this evenings meal (no, not on the same plate!)) when I spotted a TV stand with a shelf underneath and a nice smoked glass door to hide the DVD player and Freeview box behind for £4 standing for sale outside the local charity shop which I happily snapped up to free up the coffee table that our TV had stood on up till now.

This afternoon has seen us up the hospital once again. My daughter sadly has to visit the hospital on a regular basis but today we were given some hope that these visits may soon be coming to an end.

Then it was home again, feeding time and yours truly fell asleep with the kitty for an hour (that’s why I’m late posting………..poor excuse). I planned to do so much this evening but the cat is so cute and he cuddles up to you purring and just settles down for a nap! How can I get up from that?

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  1. Great news on the TV Trevor, and great bargain spotting with the TV stand! Not bad at all!
    Having a catnap while a cat naps upon you I find very therapeutic – it’s rude not to!

    • I’m always on the lookout for a good bargain, I love mooching around charity shops (should I be admitting that? 😉 )
      There was no way I could move with the little fella purring and napping at the same time, it was obvious I would soon be taking a nap myself so I let the feeling take over for a while. Really relaxing 😀

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