My dream job

Oxfam Bookshop, Norwich

Oxfam Bookshop, Norwich

If I had a real job I doubt very much I would write about it, in fact I know I would not write about it other than in passing really. You know the sort of thing, I went to work today, did my job and came home. Thing is volunteering isn’t like that for me. It might be because of where I volunteer, or the people I meet or even the philanthropic satisfaction I get from offering my time.

Mostly I put my name down to volunteer on the morning shifts in the shop, this would be from 09:30 until 13:30, a nice four hour shift. I always take a lunch with me otherwise it would be gone 14:30 before I got my lunch, by which time I would be gnawing my knuckles πŸ˜‰

Thing is I have my lunch upstairs in the shop and on days like today where everything is going really well, it is a good crew of volunteers, there is lots to do both downstairs on the shop floor and upstairs with our stock, I just stay on saying to myself all afternoon that I will go home in a minute when I’ve just done this or that. Before I know where I am time has flown by and it is getting on for 16:00 or even later (the shop shuts at 17:30 and I’m sometimes still there!).

I often ask myself if I would be doing this in a paid job, that is, would I be staying on to complete work if I wasn’t getting paid for it? I can assure you the answer would be a resounding no! Yet, here I am happily giving my time way beyond what I said I would do and what is expected of me.

What this says about how much I enjoy being at the shop I’m not sure. I know I love being around the old and sometimes valuable books (you’d have to be a booky person to even understand that last statement). The other volunteers are great, I get on with each and every one of them (rare for me, I’m so used to working on my own that I never thought I’d enjoy being a part of a team so much).

I think it all boils down to one simple fact. I could do this as a job if ever the opportunity arose and in truth I don’t think it would ever feel like a job. I would be there working extra hours for no pay even if it was a proper job.

If you know a bookshop owner in or near Norwich looking for staff? πŸ˜€


  1. If I had my dream job, I don’t know whether I’d be writing about it or not… I moan about my current one incessantly (but that is because it is hardly a dream) – but if I was doing something I loved doing, then yes, I’d write. And write and write! To be honest, I think I’d like to work somewhere that didn’t feel like it was a job. I’m going to make that happen!

    Thanks, Trevor… you’ve set me off on a mission now! πŸ˜€

  2. I think this is how I feel about what I currently do, it isn’t a job but if it were………I think I’d be really happy with it. πŸ˜€
    Good luck in your quest Aquatom

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