I’m such a good boy

I love real coffee, you know, made from fresh coffee in a cafetière or from whatever you have to make fresh coffee in. Obviously as much as I would like to drink fresh coffee all the time sadly it is out of my financial range, so I have to resort to instant coffee. Even then I prefer the better brands or blends (see image).

The thing I’ve found really good about buying this particular brand is the usefulness of the jars afterwards. I started buying this brand as my local supermarket had this brand of coffee on offer in the 300g jars. These are quite big and once the label is removed they make fantastic storage jars, so I bought quite a few of these jars of coffee so that I could them use them around the kitchen for storing all my tea, coffee (both instant and ground) and sugar. I have several jars cleaned and tucked away until I find other uses for them.

In fact I hate throwing glass jars away and if I have to buy food in jars (glass or plastic) I always try and buy it in jars that I can reuse around the house or kitchen. Having these nice large jars around now means that I can buy food that can normally be stored in jars either loose or in more environmentally sound packaging then transfer it to the jars when I get home.

I’m such a good boy 😉

OK, I’m not on an environmental crusade but you see these jars in recycle bins everyday then you see people buying jars to use in kitchens. Why bother when these really appealing jars come free with a product you use is inside them? A simple soak to remove the label also helps clean them out and before you know where you are you have lovely storage jars ready for use.

I do a similar thing with plastic screwtop lids on the larger plastic milk cartons. I rinse the lids clean then use them as carpet protectors under furniture that has wheels, sofa, bed, chairs, in fact anything that needs a carpet protector. Carpet protectors are expensive in comparison to their use yet daily we throw a very useful object away. I just wish I could find a sensible use for the milk carton, I really hate throwing these useful containers away.

More from the green world of Trevor Towers another day 😀

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  1. oh hey great tips – love the one about the plastic caps.
    i think maybe those people buying containers may not be coffee drinkers…or else they are buying a different kind of coffee.

    • Bex, I hadn’t thought of other people not being coffee drinkers! Shame on me 😦
      I understand about them perhaps buying different brands though and maybe the jars are unsuitable for reuse.

  2. I re-use my jars when I’ve finished with them, but I don’t seem to have that many for some reason – most probably because they’re all in use! Gives me an excuse to get some more coffee though! 😉

    • I like to find a use for anything that would otherwise end up in the recycle bins, I guess the recycle bin is much better than the landfill site though.
      It seems such a waste to throw these useful containers away.

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