Misty Morning

Early morning mist casts an eerie spell
dawns early light diffused in vapour
Faerie kisses on the early spring grass
Spiders webs glisten in the hedgerow
Birdsong all around, nature is awake
welcoming the dawn of a new day.

A walker appears through the mist.
A dog trotting ahead, nose high,
leaving paw prints in the wet grass.
The first of many to go this way,
along the riverbank, enjoying life.
Taking in the splendour of the morn.

The river calm in the morning mist.
Rowers sliding their way upstream,
disturbing water fowl as they glide by.
Crews practising for that strenuous day
when they face other boats in competition.
Gentle wakes reach the shore and lap.

Fishermen cast their lines out into the water.
Floats bobbing on the flow, drifting.
A float sinks, a fish is snagged,
reeled in, fighting all the way.
To be weighed and placed in the net,
finally to be set free and caught again.

The sun climbs, the mist evaporates.
Joggers are seen in the distance.
Cyclists glide by on the tow path.
Pleasure craft move in the water,
water fowl disturbed once again
fly into the warm air, squawking.

A lone cormorant keeps vigil
from a derelict post in the water.
Looking deep into the dark fluid,
watching for breakfast within the flow.
It stretches it’s wings in anticipation
of that dive into the water, plunging.

And so the riverbank comes alive
bringing life and pleasure to all.
Some are here to escape their lives
others are here because of life.
All are here to feel the oneness
that the riverbank offers us all.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

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  1. Lovely mind pictures draw by your words Trevor, wonderful poetry, bringing morning to life for the reader. (I made the dog and the walker me and Bess. xx) Many thanks for the uplift , you brought tears to my eyes. happy ones not sad for a change…xPenx

    • Pen, I’m really pleased you added yourself and Bess as the walker with the dog. When I wrote it I was thinking of the dog we had all those years ago and how I used to walk her on Sunday mornings. Happy memories 🙂

  2. Very atmospheric, Trevor!

    • Thanks Tom, I seem to be going down the ‘atmospheric’ route with my poetry just lately. Perhaps I’m reliving some of my past but through tinted glasses, I’m sure it wasn’t always this good.

  3. very enjoyable read, Trevor, lovely, misty imagery – loved the water words you use in this piece.

    • This poem seems to have the desired affect on everyone that has commented which pleases me no end 😀

  4. Hello, Trevor. I also express myself in words… and I can tell you this is very nice and absolutely descriptive with its picturesque content.

    • Thanks inquisitorial, I have been slacking lately but I will find time to get over and visit your blog soon. I’m pleased you liked my poem

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