Not PostADay anymore

Well, I consider myself a bit of a failure 😦

I’ve removed the Postaday logo and tags from all my posts that included it. I just cannot commit myself any longer to write something every day as I feel I would be writing entries just for the sake of it with nothing to say. From now on I’ll be posting as often as I feel like it, which will be most days anyway but I felt that the postaday thing was getting too much for me.

For now I’ve replaced the postaday logo with a slightly updated logo I used to have on one of my websites (so many years ago), I don’t think that will stay there permanently but I think it looks nice for now, by clicking on the logo you will be taken to my page.

Apart from that………what another glorious day it has been? Sun shining, warm air and it feels like summer is here, I wonder what summer will really be like once it gets here?

Light cycle model on display at Fan Expo 2009 ...

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This evening was another Movie night but this time with a bit of a difference. My daughter is currently with her mother for Easter and I have the delight of entertaining my son this evening. So we rented Tron Legacy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I saw the original Tron way back in it’s day and although it now looks very dated I still enjoy it. This new Tron is so much better, obviously it is a special effects film and to me they were fantastic. I think this will be another film to put on the purchase list when it is a bit more reasonably priced.

It’s also good to be catching up with my son, we’ve not spoken so much in ages πŸ˜€

Have a glorious Easter

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  1. i thought postaday was a goal, not a directive?

    you are not a failure, Trevor, you write, you post, you put something into the world, people read, comment, visit – i can’t see how any of that could be considered things that have anything to do with the word or feeling of “failure”.

    so happy that you enjoyed “Tron: Legacy

    great that you got up with your son, too!

    • Thanks Bex, I know it was only really a goal but it felt like it had become a chore, that’s not how I like to write so I’ve simply done away with all the tags and the logo. I already feel better for doing it πŸ˜€

      Tron was great, have you seen it?

      It was great to have my son here for a while, we had a lot to catch up on, I think we caught up on most things and hopefully we can have another evening like that in the not too distant future.

      • oh good, as long as removing the tags etc removed the stress along with it…

        oh yeah, saw Tron the second day it was out in 3-D and LOVED it. here it got panned by critics but everyone i know who saw the original loved Legacy, just goes to show you critics don’t know anything about anything.

        fabulous you and your son got caught up – sounds like a great time.

  2. Hi Trevor, I’ve finally seen Despicable Me, on DVD ( poet an’ don’t know it!! πŸ˜‰ ) … Loved it, but maybe not as much a Wall-e… and I can’t commit to one a day, I can only go as the mood takes me, as in recently haven’t updated for two or is it three days? being tied … does hogtie you methinks…Good news about your son too my friend. xx

    • The daft thing is I will still probably post just as often but now I don’t feel as if I HAVE to find something to write about, I can just write freely or not as the case may be. I just feel better about not having to commit to something that was giving me unwarranted pressure. I know this pressure was self inflicted but it was still there, now it has gone and I feel better for it, so I’m, happy again πŸ˜€
      I’m pleased you finally got to see Despicable Me, like you say maybe not quite as good as Wall-E but those minions πŸ˜€ 8)

  3. I’m glad you stopped Post a Day if it’s a chore. That defeats the purpose. I don’t even think WP should encourage badges, etc., they make people crazy. People want to collect them like trophies. And all these other silly chain-letter awards that go around. Blogging, for me, is something much deeper, a chance to express my thoughts in a coherent way. I see bloggers all over WP who blog because they think they’re supposed to, and how could that not become boring for your readers? Write what you feel when you feel like it. Much more rewarding. Good for you.

    • Thanks Find an Outlet, it was becoming a real bind yet I enjoy writing.
      I will get back to how I used to write, as and when I feel I have something of interest to say and write about.
      Loved your little story by the way, I wish I had just 1% of your imagination, I would consider myself a good writer if I had that.

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