More books for my to-read shelf!

Norwich Lane

Lobster Lane looking into Bedford Street, Norwich Lanes (Image by hdc. via Flickr)

I really hope you have had similar weather to that which we’ve had in Norfolk these last few days, I also hope you’ve had the time to enjoy some of it as well. I can’t remember an Easter weekend that has been so warm and sunny, marvellous!

We went to our book festival yesterday which turned out to be rather poorly supported due mainly to poor advertising on the part of the organisers. I think because the venue was just off the cities main shopping area they thought there would be plenty of passing trade. Not so and we had a quiet, boring day! On the up side we did make a few sales and I think we will see a few of those that came to our stall in the shop in the future, which at the end of the day is what it was all about. We ended up packing up early so that we could get off and enjoy the beautiful late afternoon and evening.

Once I’d said my goodbyes to the others from the stall I took a walk around The Lanes in Norwich. The Lanes are home to a much better shopping experience here in the city, away from the big malls and high street. The shops are those that I simply love to browse around and when I have money I prefer to spend it in these shops run by independent traders.

Anyway, I’m wandering around and outside a charity shop are small boxes of books, £2 a box! I look through these and find a box with several books that I think are worth reading and part with my £2. Once I got home I sorted through the box only to find several more books that are definitely worth reading. In total there were 15 books in this box and all 15 will get read in due course. Some are not what I’d normally read but they look interesting enough. I think I’ll have to take a walk in this part of The Lanes again 😀

Today has been one of either sloth or intense activity. I’ve been either listening to music or doing housework as the mood has taken me. I did get all my housework done so there were times when things did get done 😉

Now I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening, be good 8)

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  1. I’m concentrating on Bess’s progress at the mo, more than anything else Trevor, every day is a bonus and she’s faltering a bit. Food.eating wise it’s a battle, but one which I am trying to win. BUT the sunshine helps enormously, and means we can enjoy the garden outside so much more. I’m still juggling, but she’d be much happier with your style of dropping them methinks .. 😉 xPenx

    • It’s good to know that Bess is enjoying the lovely weather and that you can both get out in the garden to relax.
      I think of you both constantly, so juggle away Pen, I’m certain Bess prefers the way you juggle anyway 😉

  2. sorry to hear the more people didn’t show up to the fest, but awesome about the box o’books – this sounds like a great deal…and a way of getting people even more addicted to books, i hope you are sure that they won’t up the price next time…are these listed on your bookshelf?

    • That box o’ books was a great find, there were only a few left when I walked past the shop, I guess they were just having a clear out of old books but I was more than happy. The books in the box o’ books are marked * on my Bookshelf page

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