Broke again!


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I signed up to my gas and electricity suppliers website today so that I can get accurate bills over the net. I have a spreadsheet that works it out to within a few pence every quarter but it’s nice to have the actual figure, minus online payment discount of 5%, to hand when you know the quarter is almost at an end. The thing I really like about it is that I can also pay my bill as soon as they accept my meter reading, so today I was a good boy and paid all my winter fuel bills πŸ˜€

This gives me a clear run to save some money ready for the summer when I plan to stay with my sister for ten days or so. It is such a good feeling to get those big winter bills out of the way now winter is just a thing of the past and that I can look forward to the rest of the year with next to no bills (well the next 90 days or so).

I signed up to Spotify, so I’m now listening to loads of music I could probably never afford to own yet have right here at the click of my mouse……wonderful πŸ˜€ I’m currently listening to Robin Trower, someone I’ve heard of but would probably never buy his music, now I can listen with impunity and know he is getting his royalties. I like to think this is a win/win situation for everyone concerned and I hope Spotify goes from strength to strength, shame it is only currently available in Europe but I expect there are equivalent services available in the US, Canada and TROTW.

I finally had to buy some new boots today, my Caterpillars have finally worn so thin that I can feel every stone and pebble under my feet, I loved my Caterpillar boots 😦 I just wish I could have afforded another pair!



  1. so excellent to get accurate bill readings, being able to save and budget and save some money! 10 days visiting your sis – excellent! happy savings!

    oh new boots! i love new boots! enjoy!

    • Oh I hate paying bills but I’ve found this way the most pleasing and the thought that I can now plan ahead is a great one.
      I hate buying new boots, I get so attached to my old ones that I leave it until they are almost through before I buy new ones, given a few weeks I’ll probably feel the same about my new boots:D

  2. My bills are mostly all paid monthly, but my finances need to have a complete overhaul, so I’ll need to look into different ways of sorting them out. Sometimes they are more hassle than they are worth though, time could be spent doing other things! Still, a change is as good as a rest, so I’ll see what changes I can make there.
    I’ve not bought a pair of boots for years… now there’s an idea!

    • I will admit I did think about signing up to a budgeting plan when I moved into the Towers but I thought I’d give it a quarter before I made any real decision. I think after this first quarter I will leave things as they are for now especially as it will hopefully be a lot cheaper for the next two quarters at least.
      I don’t like wearing shoes, i like the extra protection my ankles get by wearing boots, it’s just an odd thing about me I guess. I don’t wear trainers either, Dr Martins or Caterpillars are my first choice but I ended up with a cheaper brand this time round, maybe I can afford some for next winter.

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