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We all know the song, yeah, of course we do! Here I am, another party, another kitchen! This one is all new and sparkly with bright new appliances, bright new cookware and so on. I was in my usual place in the corner, can of beer in my hand and basically trying to look like I was having a good time.

I tag along with my friends to these parties, nowadays these are house warming events of newly wed friends or acquaintances. Not so long ago they were the after the pub gatherings where we would be half drunk before we ever reached the house. Many things went on at these parties, things I seemed to be excluded from. I still used to go, what else was I to do?

Now my friends are all getting married , often I am the only one in the pub on a Friday evening, the only one of a once burgeoning group of young twenty somethings.

These house warming parties are often the last time I see these old friends. Until the next party, the next married couple invite all the other married couples to their parties. I often feel I get invited out of habit. I once belonged to their group. Now we have different priorities, different lives.

The kitchen is warm. Why do singles always elevate to the kitchen at parties? Is it because we have no one to cuddle up to? Is it because we are scared to enjoy ourselves? Is it because it’s where the beer is stored?

Music thumps away in the background as the evening drags on. This party, this couple leave me as the last single person of our old gang.

This evening does not end as happily for me as it does in the song. I go home alone and wait to be in another kitchen at another party.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

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  1. Ah, I get the feeling of the outsider from this tale, Trevor. It’s strange how everyone else seems to move on, yet we always seem to be in exactly the same place. I’m usually on the stairs though…

    • I’m not really the outsider though I have been there from time to time. I enjoy meeting new people in a fairly small social gathering, a little alcohol, a bit of finger food, even if no one is talking to each other at the start, give me an hour and everyone will be best friends 😀 I will still be the single one at the end of the night (through choice) but I always come away with a smile on my face.

  2. Somebody said “I don’t like to go to parties, I like to have gone to parties.”

    I recoil and squirm and hide at parties and don’t go to them anymore, not that I’m invited anyway. I don’t understand the attraction, they’re so stressful unless you’re seriously into bullshitting. I enjoy a small party with a couple of interesting people, and that doesn’t happen often either.

    I was the one in the bathroom or out on the curb…

    • Oh no, you obviously get invited to the wrong parties Find an Outlet. I agree that a small number of party goers is better but I’ve always enjoyed them (mostly). 🙂

      • Yikes, didn’t know it was fiction and here I poured out my soul in empathy! Well, doesn’t matter, I still hate parties.

        • Don’t feel so bad Find an Outlet, pouring out your soul is good for you 😉
          I can understand you not liking parties, they’re not for everyone.

  3. ah Trevor, we never know what the future may bring. Maybe another party invite for you, but in the kitchen there may be a female who feels just as you, I do hope so. I tend to sit in the corner at parties and nurse a drink, (or two!!) xPenx

    • Pen, this is mainly fiction mixed with a flavouring of reality. I actually quite enjoy these sort of parties and once I get to know the party goers I become quite gregarious. I think the alcohol helps (not to excess of course 😉 ) but as long as the company is friendly, they are fun. I have been in the situation contained here though, not a happy place to be.
      I’ve often found kitchens to be the hub of many parties, it’s where both food and drink is kept and you tend to meet all the party goers at one point or another.

  4. very nice piece, and yes, asking the age-old question of kitchens at parties…for me, i could always figure out how good the party was by how quickly and how many people ended up in the kitchen.

    • If the kitchen ebbs and flows then to me it’s a good party because people are mingling. If a group end up in their and stay there they are either very hungry/thirsty or just not enjoying themselves.

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