Sunday Snap: It Floated By

This story is in response to KenBroad’s picture prompt – Sunday Snap

"York Minster in the Fog" by Karli Watson (Flickr)

"York Minster in the Fog" by Karli Watson (Flickr)

They had been rowing the boat for a few hours. Semi-submerged trees being their main obstacle but occasionally they came across buildings that barely broke out of the water, these had become especially numerous and dangerous in the last half an hour.

Evening was now drawing in and they were becoming desperate to sight dry land. The three men in the boat had heard the stories as children but never really believed them until today. They had been told of houses under the sea. Whole towns and cities had disappeared under the climate change floods along with the thousands of people that once lived here.

Mist began to form all around them and very soon they were rowing almost blindly through the water and mist. One of the men had to keep a spare oar out front of the small boat to protect it in case of collision and the rowers themselves had to row with extreme caution.

The mist thickened further and the men became very quiet as did all nature around them; evening began to draw in and nightfall was at best only an hour away.

All of a sudden the lookout shouted out, scared out of his wits at the sight he now saw. Floating out of the mist they saw this huge building sailing towards them. The last of the sun hitting the higher parts of the building caused the mist to radiate an aura of light in the air, the likes of which none of the men had ever seen before. They heard the movement of water, it was loud, much louder than when their boat moved through the water, yet there was very little wake, the small boat barely rocked.

What was this building? How was it floating?

The building floated by, or did they float by the building? None of them were really sure of what they saw that day, they could barely describe their experience to each other let alone those they met after.

They never did find dry land, they slept in the small boat after having secured it to a submerged and dying tree. The boat was rocked gently by the ebb and flow of the water. They rowed for several hours the following day to find this huge building again but they never found it yet they found the tops of the houses they remembered from the day before.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

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  1. KenBroad

     /  May 16, 2011

    What a great story! It left me wanting to know more about this little crew. Bravo, and thanks for choosing to jump in a share!

    (It also up me in mind of “The Crimson Permanent Assurance” short from Monty Python with a building out there floating about)

    • To be honest the first thing I thought about was that Monty Python scit when I saw the photo but I thought better of trying to have a go at replicating anything like that 😀
      Thanks for reading Ken and I’m pleased you enjoyed it.

  2. Great story, Trevor!

    • Selena, thanks for reading and especially for taking the time to comment. I’m pleased you enjoyed the read

  3. very enjoyable Trevor. (just trying to get caught up – i’m working backwards!)

  4. Nice one Trevor! Remind me to leave England before the big floods come and especially not to visit York!

    • Thanks Billie Jo. I’m not sure if York is one of the cities that would get flooded but I think we would get fair warning if it were to get flooded. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. A great story Trevor.
    I love the idea that it might be the building that is floating past them.

    • Thanks Mike, it was after reading your story last week that gave me motivation to join in and write this, so thank you.

  6. Nice story, Trevor. I reminded me a bit of the movie “Waterworld” with Kevin Costner, but your people are a lot more friendly.

    • Hi Sandra,
      I’m so glad you could drop by and that you enjoyed my little tale. I keep thinking I should flesh it out a bit more but haven’t got round to it yet. One day perhaps.

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