Another day goes by

Another day goes by,
another day in my life forever lost.
So many days have gone this way,
leaving me with a sense of waste.
As I near a half century in years,
those lost days count ever higher.

Am I to leave this realm,
never knowing why it was like this?
I am lucky, I can read, write,
communicate with an audience.
There is a pleasure in that for me.
A satisfaction of reaching others.

If I am lucky, I have a third of my life left.
What to do with that time I am unsure.
I could read myself into oblivion,
for what purpose? Self gratification?
I could write my thoughts for all to see,
a lasting legacy that might live on?

I have no wish to make you despair,
I am not in a maudlin mood.
There are things I want to do (see),
people I would like to meet (love).
But I need to find a purpose,
one that feeds the hunger.

Today I add to my legacy,
more lines from the rhythms of my mind.
Undulating, like the Norfolk countryside
I have made my home.
I share my life with you this way
because I have nothing else to give.

Β©2011 Trevor Litchfield


  1. This isn’t fiction is it? I have a purpose but no means to fulfill it. I blog to connect with others, but many people I write to that I feel I could relate to do not respond so I’m getting discouraged. I’m about the same age as you. I feel like I could have done so, so much more. But bad choices and bad luck will get you every time.

    I think you have a lot to give…you are raising a daughter, right? And your job at the bookshop…your legacy will live on. Beautiful poem, and I don’t usually read poems!

    • Find an Outlet, no it’s not fiction and yes I am trying to raise my daughter the best way I know. The bookshop is voluntary but I look at is as a job.
      Like you I feel discouraged at times but then I think as long as just one person reads and comments, my desire is fulfilled. I am looking at things slightly differently to you though, I’m not looking at my past thinking what could have been, I’m trying to look ahead and thinking maybe………
      We should say goodbye to bad luck and start to make our own from now on.

      I’m really pleased you enjoyed my poem, especially as you say you don’t read them that often, compliment accepted πŸ™‚

  2. another day, counted by the way it went, either good or bad, it has gone. I think this poem portrays a lot of peoples thoughts and hopes Trevor, we all search for something other than what we have, whilst still feeling that what we have isn’t too bad, and what we have accomplished is ok, there’s always a feeling of missing out on that extra out of reach ‘goal’, which would make our lives so, so much more complete. I agree with your previous commenter, a beautiful poem, honest in it’s content. xPenx

    • Thanks Pen,
      I’m not really sure what it is that will make my life feel complete but there is definitely something missing at the moment. I think this poem is also a reaction to one I wrote last week but instead of writing about (to) someone special to me with whom the relationship can go no further, I’m thinking of myself more in this one, reflecting on where my life is now and what might be in the future after coming to terms with my immediate past a bit more.

  3. A great poem, Trevor, that seems ever so more ‘deep’ when it is re-read – but not in a bad way. We seem to spend a lot of our time ‘wanting’ and not ‘having’, but if we ‘had’ what we ‘wanted’, would our lives be any different? We’d have less dreams and ambitions for a start.

    You’ve got me thinking about my purpose now as well! Hmmm… πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Tom,
      This poem arrived really quickly for me and I’ve reread it several times and I’ve surprised myself at how ‘deep’ this now feels to me as well. Hopefully I’m not writing about the unobtainable here, more the attainable with a purpose thrown in for good measure.

  4. really like this Trevor, as well as the earlier “companion piece” linked in your reply to Pen.

    i don’t know. i guess we always ask these questions, no matter how old we are, no matter we do with the days we have – we always wonder why. wish i could give you some answers or help point you in the right direction, but…how do you point inwards and out into the world at the same time?

    lovely words and yeah, we give what we can give and i think, maybe, it is the giving that is most important…

    • Thanks Bex,
      When I write like this I often feel as if I’m giving more insight into my thoughts than perhaps is good on a public blog but that’s how I write.

  5. Raven

     /  May 25, 2011

    What an endearing poem of your deep thoughts. I have often pondered these same questions. I am 57 and still have not found what I am looking for…that would be good in itself LOL. I keep trying so this must be earning me something.
    I have often thought there is so much I want to do and so little time…
    I like this very much Trev…good read:)
    Warm feathery hug,

    • I’m really pleased you enjoyed my poem Raven, I don’t think I’ll ever get the answers, in some ways I hope I don’t because then I’ll know all I need to know, then what?
      I’m looking forward to a warm feathery hug πŸ™‚ xx

      • Raven

         /  May 27, 2011

        I must say, I am told that Europeans do not hug as a way of greeting like we Americans do. A hug is more intimate they said, A kiss or two on the cheeks is the preferred way. Is this true?

        Anyway, I am a hugger…a tree hugger if you ask my granddaughter! LOL

        Warm feathery it is… πŸ™‚

        • I’m a hugger too, nothing beats a good hug so it’s not just you being American or anything. A kiss, not keen on them being placed on my cheeks much, reminds me of my grannies kisses πŸ˜‰
          If you gonna be dishing out kisses, I’m most probably at the back of the queue but they’ll be worth waiting for πŸ˜€

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