The System’s Bust: Climate Change

Over the coming days I’ll be composing something in support of Oxfam’s four big factors, Climate Change, Land Grabs, Food Price Hikes and Intensive Farming.

To read all about the Oxfam Campaign, The Systems Bust, visit OxfamGB

The System's Bust

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Climate Change

Seasons change,
as they always have.
Something is wrong,
the seasons don’t match
their previous paths
Dry when it should be wet.
Wet when it should be dry.
Floods wash away crops.
Drought kills crops.
Winds wreck crops.
Food that should feed,
dies as the farmer watches.
Families suffer.
Children starve.
Livestock falters,
Children die!
We may not be able to alter
the damage we have done.
Let’s feed those that suffer,
because of our avarice.
They did not cause this nightmare,
they are paying the consequences.
It’s time to think differently,
The System’s Bust!

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

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  1. Too true, Trevor, help those who have suffered the worst. WE have so much that we should be thankful for, whilst others have only a fraction and even that is so easily taken away. I try my best to contribute to Charities when I can, and what angers me is those who have the lions share of this Nations (and others) wealth seem unable to contribute a fair amount to aid projects etc… I used to collect door to door envelopes for a well known Charity, and it opened my eyes to some peoples meanness, whilst the ones without gave more. The Systems Bust but surely to God it can be mended. xPenx

    • There has to be answers Pen, for all our sakes there has to be answers!
      I read the Oxfam newsletters and disaster updates we get in the shop and they seem to be coming more frequently just lately. Sometimes I struggle to comprehend how poor some people really are on this planet of ours.

  2. Raven

     /  June 6, 2011

    So very sadly true Trevor. I see this happening not only in Africa but I believe it is only a matter of time before such things can happen all over the world. I have always liked this quote from the Little Prince, “you cannot pick a flower without troubling a star”…and certainly we have picked more than a flower. It is a shame the children suffer.
    Heres to hope:)

    • We certainly have picked more than a flower, I hope something can be salvaged from the impending mess we could possibly end up in.
      I really don’t like to dwell on it too much, it gets depressing but I can’t stop thinking about those poor kids with nothing to eat (and not just in Africa/Asia).
      Hope is all we have Raven

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