The System’s Bust: Land Grabs

Over the coming days I’ll be composing something in support of Oxfam’s four big factors, Climate Change, Land Grabs, Food Price Hikes and Intensive Farming.

To read all about the Oxfam Campaign, The Systems Bust, visit OxfamGB

The System's Bust

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Since the food price spikes of 2008, wealthy companies have invested heavily in cheap agricultural land in poor countries, often for commercial use. But in many cases, the land sold is actually being used by poor families to grow food. These families are often forcibly evicted with little or no warning or compensation, and in many cases the land is either left idle by investors who know it will only grow in value, or used in ways that reduce food production. So it’s time for effective global rules to get land grabs under control – rules which ensure local communities see the benefits of investments and which help make sure that governments provide secure access to land for smallholder farmers, and especially women. – Source – Oxfam

Land Grabs

Can you imagine how it must feel,
to have the land you need to survive,
the land you call home, taken away?

You live on a smallholding,
farming enough to survive,
enough to feed your family.

Along comes this man,
he says you must leave your home,
go away, at the point of a gun!

This is done in the name of progress,
you starve to make others rich.
Others starve alongside you.

The man gets rich on your loss,
the land goes to waste, fallow.
Nothing grows where once stood crops.

How do you feel now?
It’s time to think differently,
The System’s Bust!

©2011 Trevor Litchfield



  1. We complain about the rising cost of living, complain about our day to day lives, but we don’t know we’re born. Transplant us to Countries such as this one, with the horrendous trials they have to face and see how we’d survive. With the changing Climate it seems other richer Countries are now having to face lost crops through new weather patterns, maybe this will change minds and influence decisions in the future. I do hope so. xPenx

    • I never used to think about such things Pen but since I got involved at Oxfam my whole thought process has changed, which can only be a good thing.
      I know it’s not much but I’m happy to think that by giving my time I am helping someone worse off (a lot worse off) than me.
      The way things are going in this country with the weather patterns, failed crops or low crop yields, the boot could soon be on the other foot.

  2. Raven

     /  June 6, 2011

    You amaze me with your poems and with your strength to organize your blog with such concerns as climate change and hunger. My hats off to you, one with compassion.
    warm feathery,

    • Thank you Raven, it isn’t really my intention to preach about such things but I enjoy a challenge when it comes to my writing. I saw this as a challenge as well as spreading the word about what Oxfam’s concerns are.
      I simply enjoy the process though I am hopefully a compassionate soul, strength has nothing to do with it, a desire to communicate does.
      Knowing you and others out there read and enjoy my scribblings makes me feel all warm and feathery, hug received 🙂

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