Dark Sky

Inspired by Bluebell Books: Thursday Short Story Slam 3

Gone are the hot days of summer,
dark clouds loom in the distance,
promising the first rains of Autumn,
bringing relief to parched earth.

Boughs sway in the autumnal breeze,
golden leaves flit in the gusting winds,
building piles of dead foliage below,
the foreboding darkness of the sky.

Single droplets hit the ground
exploding on impact with the baked soil,
leaves caught in mid flight
barraged by the falling water.

This is no spring shower
as the machine gunned water
falls from the heavy clouded sky,
gravity working it’s inevitable magic.

Pools soon form as the water falls
on the hard baked thirsty earth,
forming small rivulets as the pools fill,
racing down the sunbaked hillsides.

All to soon these rivulets are clogged
with leaves and twigs brought down
by the deluge, forming small dams,
water drives on, tumbling over all.

Mother earth reigns supreme,
her natural rhythm replacing the lost,
Filling up rivers, lakes and aquifers,
to allow the new growth on Springs arrival.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

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  1. Indigo Spider

     /  June 15, 2011

    My reading was enhanced by the sounds of a torrential downpour; created an interesting atmosphere together. Perhaps Mother Natures way of enjoying along with me 🙂

    BTW — did you change the background to the coffee ring stains? I like it and hoping it’s new and not me just suddenly noticing!

    • Nothing like a good downpour for reading poetry 😉

      Yes, I have changed the background, it reflects the mat on my table where I sit and write 🙂

  2. thoughtful composition.
    well done.


    • Thanks Jingle. I love writing weather poetry, there are a few on here concerning the weather/nature.

  3. So she does, Trevor, Mother Nature reigns,(rains 😉 ) and we have to accept that fact. Water, water everywhere, and still we in England have drought warnings. Sheesh!! I enjoyed the descriptiveness and natural flow, Dark sky indeed. xPenx

    • The drought warnings are quite scarry really, it’s not even summer yet! I’m glad this flowed for you Pen.

  4. Raven

     /  June 16, 2011

    Beautiful words and sentiments of the seasons of this marvelous earth we live.
    I want it to stay calm and peaceful for a while.
    warm and feathery for you,

    • I just want the weather to stay warm for a while though I expect everyone else would like to see rain, a lot of rain. We are already getting drought warnings over here so I guess a decent downpour might be nice.
      Snuggling in those warm and featheries
      Trevor xx

  5. Stunning imagery! Your writing is both beautiful and elegant =)

    • Thank you for reading and especially commenting mindlovemisery. Welcome to the fray 🙂

  6. way to go.

    Short Story Slam Week 4 is still open for submission,
    Come on in,
    We love your creativity/talent…
    Happy Thursday!
    Love & hugs.

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