The Fisherman

Sitting on the beach watching the fisherman
casting their nets, hoping for a catch of the day.
Dreaming of a time when I am ready
to buy my own boat and nets to go fishing.
Equipment is important, as is experience out at sea,
you cannot hope to catch a fish without either.
I spend my days researching the best boats and nets,
watching the fishermen everyday, learning their skills.

The time eventually came when I bought a boat,
my nets were second-hand but in good order.
I spent my days dreaming of that big catch,
casting my nets to no avail, going hungry.
Still I dreamt of the good times ahead,
catching the one that would sustain my life.
Then out of the deep blue sea I caught my fish,
it came in easily, bringing much needed life.

After such a fine catch, I considered myself complete.
I forgot about my boat and nets, not thinking of the future.
They lay abandoned on the beach, bleaching in the sun
as I gorged myself on this wondrous bounty I had snared.
I thought this fish would last me a lifetime,
never thinking that the sustenance would run out.
Run out it did, now I find myself back on the beach,
repairing my nets, patching holes in my boat.

As I carry out my repairs, I look out to sea
watching the fishermen casting their nets once again.
I realise I am still so inexperienced as a fisherman,
having caught just one fish in all my life.
Needing to learn to cast my nets more efficiently,
spending more time assessing the other fishermen’s tactics.
Some seem careless, casting their nets hither and thither,
others seem more careful, waiting for tide and light.

Once again I am ready to go fishing,
to catch the fish of my dreams, sustain myself.
Will I do the same as before? Catch my fish,
abandoning my boat and nets, probably!
Greedy is not how I would describe myself,
one fish at a time is ample sustenance for me.
I do not fish for more when I have fish in my basket,
so I’ll sit in my boat, casting my nets, dreaming.

©2011 Trevor Litchfield

One Shot Wednesday

One Shot Wednesday- Week 51

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  1. Nice One Trevor. 🙂 A very simple plot, woven beautifully.

    One question though. The first para is in present tense, then the story moves into past tense and then present again. Was that by design?

    I love the description of him sitting on the beach. Broight the whole experience ali v for me. 🙂

    • Thanks Neha. The first stanza isn’t supposed to be in the present tense but I can see why it might look that way. I’m a poor editor 😉

  2. as a fisherman, or as a someone just trying to find their way through this maze we call life, we’ll always have times when we sit back, look at what we’ve caught in our theoretical net, and think ” that’ll do me’ but then we find we have to continue. Great read, Trevor, we dream, of course we do, but we have to sustain ourselves ’til that dream comes true. xPenx

    • The theoretical fisherman does have to sustain him/herself, it gets tough at times though Pen.
      I’m pleased you found the message within, it is based on the proverb ‘Plenty of Fish in the seas’ saying, I am the fisherman but the seas seem quite barren at present, that or my net is damaged somewhere.
      Thanks Pen
      Trevor xx

  3. some of my most contemplative times have come when i was fishing, seems a great metaphor you know…smiles. nice bit of storytelling…

    • I’ve not been fishing (in both senses) in years, time I started river fishing again I think.
      The metaphor is there and it is very prevalent to my life at the moment.
      Thanks Brian, your comment is much appreciated

  4. Raven

     /  June 22, 2011

    Ah greedy not indeed LOL This is a treat my friend as are you! This one I was riding as if a wave, flying up and over…weeeeeeee. Yes a basket full is enough for now.
    Warm feathery to ya,
    Raven xx

    • I’m flying with you Raven, my basket is empty but my mind is full of inspiration.
      Warm & Feathery coming your way
      Trevor xx

  5. excellent piece Trevor.

  6. Effective poem on many levels. It reminds me a lot of Hemingway’s The Old Man & the Sea, in terms of attention to subject as well as craftsmanship.

    • To say my poetry reminds anyone of a ‘proper’ author is complement indeed!
      Thanks Dustus, I’m glad you enjoyed reading and appreciate the comment immensely.

  7. Ohhhhhh!!! Very profound imagery!
    We all have to charter some plan of action- isn’t it? Catching one fish at a time is nice enough to begin with… Dreams are what push us forward to do so!!

    The story you have told here is very much my own- in someways!
    Now I am keeping my vision focused- no more complacence..

    Sunday hugs xox

    • Thanks for reading and especially commenting Olivia. There comes a time when we have to start focusing on our vision otherwise we lose sight of it altogether which is not good.

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