Film Review: The Watchmen & 2 more!

Cover of "Beautiful Creatures (Ws)"

Cover of Beautiful Creatures (Ws)

I succumbed and ordered cable TV which was installed this week. Mainly for my daughter but it gives me a few extra choices for films. Then I noticed we get an ‘On Demand’ service and for just £5 a month I get the choice of 28 films each month on demand, cool or what? Some are old classics, some are modern recent releases but there is something for me most nights of the week. They remove 7 films at the end of each week and replace them with 7 new films. Also there is a rental system, again on demand where you get to choose the latest releases without ever having to visit the DVD rental shop! Rental prices are competitive plus you get the film for 2 nights, not 1 as I would at my DVD rental shop. All in all a great deal for me 🙂

So, this weekend I watched

The Watchmen.
A really dark superhero film from the DC Comics stable. These superhero’s are ‘retired’ for some reason that I couldn’t fathom, maybe I missed the first few minutes making coffee or something. We then get taken into the dark realms of one of them getting murdered. Only one of the retired superhero’s is interested enough to investigate this murder and uncovers what he thinks is a plot to kill them all off.

He drags in his old mates who don’t seem that interested in his theory. Now we follow their lives whilst his investigation goes on in the background. They all seemed to live quite seedy lives behind their superhero persona’s and it all becomes a little bit of a sideshow, distracting from the main story though all the stories make sense as they all come together in the end.

This is not your usual ‘Happy Ever After’ superhero film and is a bit long at over 2 and a half hours! Saying all that I got thoroughly engrossed in the characters and really enjoyed the film.

I then watched Painkiller Jane.
A real ‘B’ movie or made for TV film. Typical of this low budget stuff, the acting was wooden in places but the storyline was decent enough. It is set slightly in the future when a scientist discovers he can manipulate DNA and create super humans that cannot be killed and they heal super quick.
Not a film I could recommend but if you do find it somewhere and you need to kill 90 minutes then it’s OK and will entertain. It’s better than being bored 😉

Finally I watched Beautiful Creatures.
A good solid British film with a good but reasonably unknown cast acting their socks off. An accidental murder takes place and two women have to cover their tracks. They get slowly mired in more intrigue as they try to blackmail the brother of the man they murdered. The policeman investigating the murder decides he’s going to get in on the blackmail without telling the women and do a runner and keep the ransom for himself. Towards the end it seems as if it’s going to fall apart for the women but……….you need to watch it! 😀

A great black comedy of a film. The humour is subtle but the storyline is strong, as are the characters, especially the two women played by Rachel Weisz and Susan Lynch. Thoroughly recommend this if you get the chance to watch it though there are scenes that are not for the squeamish! Their attempts at blackmail are at times hilarious as are their plans which are often made on the spur of the moment rather than thought out. Excellent entertainment 😀

I also watched Death Race 2
This is a sequel that is a prequel! Most of it is total rubbish as it tries to cash in on the much better Death Race. It takes most of it’s 90 minutes to get going then is let down by what in my view was poor camera work trying to make up for low budget. Not one I could recommend, Painkiller Jane was better!

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  1. Indigo Spider

     /  June 27, 2011

    I’ll skip Watchmen since, living in the US, we are inundated with films like it. All flash, no substance, tired of it. I will be checking out Beautiful Creatures though, sounds intriguing. I love dark humor and foreign (foreign for me anyway) films so this is will definitely be on my “must watch” list. Thanks Trevor!

    • I’m a man and also a Sci-Fi geek, so films like The Watchmen are going to appeal to me, though I’ve never enjoyed any of the Batman films which I find a bit odd.
      Beautiful Creatures was definitely the best film of the weekend and well worth looking out for, you’ll have to give your verdict on it when you do watch it.

  2. Sometimes you fall across some jewel’s that you;d never normally watch Trevor, and others are ones which you watch and hope never to fall across again. Too many for my liking in the latter category. 😉 … Thanks for the reviews always great to have a recommendation, and welcome to cable, I’ve got the basic package, which gives me an option to rent films as you can, and I get a chance to catch up on programmes I’ve missed. … almost a game in itself searching for stuff to watch… Have a great Monday, and enjoy the sunshine. xPenx

    • Pen, I watched 3 of the 4 mentioned on Picturebox which I think is brilliant value for £5 a month. I am a film watcher and not a TV programme watcher. I enjoy a good film and when you stumble on a good one that you never thought you’d watch it is a real bonus.
      I only have the basic package as well but it offers enough to keep my daughter happy plus of course me with the extra films. I think more reviews will be coming in the future now I have this at my fingertips 😉

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