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The Butterfly Effect
Chronicles of Riddick

I sat in front of my TV a lot this weekend, apart from the three films mentioned above I also watched Aeon Flux which was on one of the terrestrial TV stations. I own this on DVD but I really like this film as it stars Charlize Theron, eye candy or what! 🙂 Total Recall also on terrestrial TV, another film I own on DVD but I simply enjoy the escapism this film offers, Philip K Dick’s short is a much better story though. Finally, Black Hawk Down appeared and for me this is a must watch film of the true and dramatic events during a UN peace keeping action in Somalia by US forces. Not the best day in US Forces history!

So, films I watched via my marvellous on demand subscription:

The Butterfly Effect:
A boy has blackouts every time a momentous event occurs. Most of these are rather dramatic, life changing events. His doctor offers a way for him trying to focus on why he gets these blackouts by saying he should keep a diary.
Skip a few years: more blackouts but he also starts to reread his old diaries.
Skip a few more years: He is now in college and finds that by studying his diaries he can go back in time and change the course of history when these blackouts occurred!

Sound lame? Well to start with it is and to be honest I nearly turned it off but as the story deepens, so does the suspense and I became more and more engrossed in it, almost desperate to know what finally happens, which is quite unexpected after everything that has gone before. This was a slow starter of a film and I would think many would turn it off early, they missed a good film in the end as all the strands start to make sense, pulling the characters together and finally blowing them apart! Slow to start this was the best watch of the weekend!

Please be aware that this film is rated ‘R’ or ’18’, it does cover themes that may upset some but I found these scenes were filmed sympathetically and were pertinent to the story.

Angelina Jolie at her pouting best along with Morgan Freeman and Terence Stamp in supporting roles.
A frustrated office worker learns that he is the son of a professional assassin, and that he shares his father’s superhuman killing abilities.

Typical action stuff from Angelina, the story itself is reasonably interesting and it has a few twists and turns that all add up to make it an enjoyable watch if only to see James McEvoy take several beatings! The premise was a bit silly at times and for me some of the action was just too stupid but I enjoyed it non the less. A good midweek watch if nothing else is on TV and what male would miss the chance to have Angelina pouting out of the screen at him 🙂

Chronicles of Riddick:
I have still to see Pitch Black but this is a favourite of mine and when I saw it was on demand this week, I knew I’d be watching it at some point.

Vin Diesel is the usual toughie in this Sci-Fi all action escape from reality romp.
A world is being taken over by an evil war possessed race and Mr Diesel comes to the rescue after racing through the stars showing off his physique to all and sundry. I’ve no idea why but I love this sort of film, I guess you either love or hate Mr Diesel but on face value this is a well made Sci-Fi film with all the right ingredients for most Sci-Fi fans.

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  1. Raven

     /  July 4, 2011

    I am not an Angelina fan although I thought she was marvelous in Girl Interrupted and some other films. I have not seen Wanted.
    I did like the Butterfly Effect and would watch again….it is a slow starter but it falls into the story line.

    • I have not seen Girl Interrupted, one day though:D
      The Butterfly Effect is definitely worth a second watch and now I think about it, the slow start is quite important as the story comes together.

  2. I’ve not seen any of the three films Trevor, so I will look out for them if I get a chance. I’m more of a fantasy film Gal, I bought three DVD’s I want to watch over and over again
    Stardust (a fantasy 2007 film starring Robert DeNIro and Michelle Pfeiffer and many other famous faces.)
    and The Golden Compass all of which feed my fertile imagination.. 😉 xPenx

    • I’ve not seen Inkheart or The Golden Compass but loved Stardust, it is a real fantasy journey. I can understand why anyone would enjoy it.

  3. Indigo Spider

     /  July 4, 2011

    I could never put my finger on just why I like Chronicles of Riddick but I do. It isn’t a great film and yet it is very watchable. I like strange, bad, weird and quirky sci-fi I guess since I liked watching this film but couldn’t stand Avatar.

    Never saw Butterfly Affect so can’t comment but I must disagree with you on Wanted. Yuck, hated that film. Maybe as a woman the redeeming value men find in Angelina didn’t save the film for me LOL

    • I agree with you about Avatar, it was a waste of 2 hours of my life as far as I’m concerned! I caught Pitch Black last night on TV, not a bad film at all 🙂
      I guess Angelina has something us men go for 😉

  4. great reviews, Trevor.

    liked the animated versions of Aeon Flux over the live-action, though Ms. Theron was completely awesome in the flick. Phillip K. Dick’s stories are always better than the movies! hated Wanted ‘cuz…a loom?! seriously? a loom. and she looked way to thin in that movie i kept worrying about her health…Butterfly Effect may be something to check out…

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