Something new for me, click on the link below and listen to my thoughts on how depression is affecting me. I am simply trying to express myself and if this helps me then good, if not I wont be doing it again.

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  1. I hope it does help you Trevor, and I definitely heard Pancake purring away adding her two penn’orth just before you mentioned her. I personally feel you should open your curtains as soon as you arise of a morning, let it become a habit, for the darkness ‘without’ will always feed the darkness within. Take care you, and I know you can’t stop the mind from surging forward with it’s dark winding trail sometimes, but try to pull back from thinking too much about what’s there in your future, you have to take small steps in the here and now…I know I can’t walk in your shoes and feel what you’re going through, but please, open the DAMN CURTAINS!! (sorry for shouting) xPenx

    • Hi Pen, thank you for wasting the 18 or so minutes of your life listening to me ramble on. I took your advice today and my curtains were opened as soon as I got up, no problem with you shouting 🙂

      I really must make the time to catch up on your blog, I have missed so much just lately.

  2. I couldn’t work out what that strange noise was at first and I figured it had to be a cat purring. I’m glad penpusherpen mentioned it! Was a pleasant sound mind, kinda relaxing. I hope recording your words helps, it certainly sounds like a different therapeutic approach.

    I’ve never suffered from depression so I can’t say I understand, only that I know what it feels like to feel low and pointless at times. I can’t imagine what it must feel like. I think you could do a lot worse than recording your thoughts, at least it gives you something to focus on.

    Keep moving on, there are plenty of people who wish you well and are there for support.

    • Thanks for taking the time to listen to the recording Dave, it has been a small release for me.

      I wouldn’t wish depression on my worst enemy, not that I have any. Every day I try to move forward and all the messages of support I have received here and by email since yesterday have helped no end.

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