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Just for the sheer hell of it, the image I’ve used today is one I took several years ago (in fact 11 years ago according to the date stamp on the photo!). It was taken along the Norfolk coast at Winterton-On-Sea and the buildings you can see are those found at Hermanus Holidays. I’ve always loved the look of this place but have yet to sample the type of holiday they have to offer………one day perhaps.

I love the Norfolk coastline and have spent many a happy afternoon (any season) walking the long stretches of sandy beach that are there just for the walking behind the dunes.

I have decided to make use of my Paper.Li account once again, this ‘publication’ features items from all the people I follow on twitter, so if I follow you and you post a link to a webpage or news item on twitter, you might find yourself mentioned in this ‘publication’. It is called ‘My World Tonight‘ (permanent link in ‘Other Cyberspaces in column on right) and is mainly for my own gratification as I often find it hard to keep up with everything everyone tweets. This way I have a handy ‘website’ with everything in one neat little package. Of course you are welcome to read it any time you desire. It is updated daily at around 18:00 GMT and you are also welcome to subscribe to it if you really feel the need.

I came across an new find in the magazine section of my local news agents yesterday evening. I’m always on the look out for something worth my money and most times come away disappointed at what is on offer. Yesterday I found a copy of Inter Zone, a Sci-Fi and Fantasy mag that features short stories from both established and new authors. Not that I’ll be sending anything to them but to find a mag that is highly readable, has no or very little advertising, is packed full of news and features, book reviews, film reviews, DVD/Blu Ray reviews, some truly excellent fantasy art and of course the aforementioned short stories, all for less that £5 is in my book, excellent value for money! The only downside is that it is published only bi-monthly but then it will give me time to fully digest everything within and maybe even find myself in Waterstones purchasing the odd recommended read!

Inter Zone is printed and published in the UK by TTA Press and is available worldwide by mail order from their website, I imagine it is available in the USA in larger magazine sellers. They also publish a bi-monthly horror mag plus other offerings depending on what you enjoy reading.
Their website is you are interested in finding out more about what they offer.

Inter Zone Nov-Dec 2011 Issue 237

Inter Zone Nov-Dec 2011 Issue 237

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  1. Indigo Spider

     /  January 18, 2012

    Thanks for the sci-fi info. I’m a fairly new reader of the genre so always on the lookout for good recommendations.

    • You’re more than welcome Indigo Spider. Inter Zone has been around quite a few years by the look of things and is well worth finding it if you can. I will definitely be subscribing to it once I have the funds 🙂

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