Cade Allsopp:The Telephone

Cade Allsopp:
Thirty something single male who, after a long term relationship breakup, now lives on his own.
He has his own apartment, plenty of friends, in fact a decent life by many others standards.
Snippets of his life will feature here as I create them.

Today’s episode: The Telephone.

Attempting to save contacts on his new phone, Cade sat intently reading the instruction booklet. He figured it could not be that hard, after all it was a landline phone with only fifteen pre-dials available to him but try as he might, he could not get a single number saved into the phone memory!

He reread the instruction booklet and finally discovered that he had been pressing the wrong button to store the numbers in the required locations. Now he was ready to start adding his contact numbers.

Who to add would be his next quandary. He had over one hundred contacts on his mobile and now he had to whittle them down to just fifteen people. Obviously his parents would be number one on the list but who else? He had no significant other in his life right now, he had few friends that he considered close, not close enough to really warrant putting one above the other on his phone. He concluded that he would add just his work number and his doctors surgery to his new phone, making just three contacts available to him at the lift of the receiver and touch of one button!

Cade was startled at the realisation of it all. He thought he enjoyed his life. He had some good friends yet not one of them could he consider a close friend, one he could confide in. Suddenly, he felt very lonely!

After pondering this new and rather surprising fact about himself, he got up from the sofa and poured himself a large bourbon and coke, he had to contemplate what had taken place in his life that had brought him to this point in time.

He had what he thought was a good social life, he went out two or three evenings a week to the local bars or to the cinema with at least a few from his group of friends. He holidayed abroad for two weeks every year, somewhere warm and sunny with a lovely beach and full nightlife, again with people he considered friends. He had a job, earned enough to live on, pay his bills and have a good time.

He sat sipping his bourbon and coke.

His mobile phone rang, it was Philip asking if he was going down the local bar tonight? Cade confirmed that he would meet Philip and whoever else was out down the bar at nine, but still his thoughts lingered on how lonely he felt.

Cade showered, changed into clean clothes and headed out to meet the people he considered his friends.

©2012 Trevor Litchfield

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  1. Cade reminded me of me with his problems saving the numbers into the phone. Only my problem wasn’t the saving of them… it was the finding of them afterwards!
    An interesting start, Trevor 🙂

    • I discovered Cade whilst trying to attempt the same thing, thankfully my phone has a note area that all the memorised numbers can be jotted down on, so instead of looking up the phone number I just look up the memory code 😀
      I hope Cade will make regular appearances on here as I feel he has a life of his own already waiting for me to discover and pass on to you to enjoy as well.

  2. So maybe Cade’s not so shallow after all.

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