Cade Allsopp:The Sofa

Cade sat on the sofa. It was his favourite place to sit when he had nothing better to do, it was his favourite piece of furniture anyway and he always sat on it if he wasn’t doing anything else. It was also the best place to view his television from, so naturally, he sat on it whilst watching that too!

It was also the best place to listen to music, he had set the speakers up so that relaxing in the middle of the sofa was the best place to hear the full and rather rich stereo sound his CD player gave. In fact, the sofa was the best place to sit to gain best advantage of all the entertainment Cade had invested in and placed at this end of the room.

The other end of the room was more like a study, bookcases lined two of the walls, floor to ceiling. A nice easy chair sat in one corner with a bright reading lamp hanging over it on the wall. His computer sat on a desk sat looking out of the window, from where he could see out into the street below and overlook quite a bit of the estate on which he lived. This end of the room saw very little activity. Cade was neither a great reader or writer yet he had these bookshelves full of books that he had bought over the years. Books that had been recommended by his friends, TV programmes he had watched and the odd book that had taken his fancy when he had entered the bookshop without a recommendation list in his pocket.

The computer sat on the desk next to his telephone and neither barely saw any life. He didn’t enjoy typing much and hated the idea of talking to people by typing away on the keyboard. He was much happier with his mobile phone which he used incessantly to talk to his friends, arrange evenings out, or just say “hi” to someone, killing the boredom he encountered since he had been living on his own.

This evening, Cade was sat in his usual place on the sofa watching an inane television programme about how to keep rats whilst still considering his discovery that he felt and was to all intents and purposes, alone and pretty friendless!

How had he come to this, he thought as black and brown rats ran around a cage on the screen. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any acquaintances, he had loads! Still none of them could be considered a close friend and very few got invited back to his apartment for coffee or anything stronger after the bars shut on a Friday night. He did get invited back to other peoples houses and often ended up crashing out on a sofa for the night yet somehow he felt he could not offer the same refuge to his drinking partners. He felt that it would be an invasion of his privacy somehow and anyway, there were a couple he most definitely did not want back after closing time! They were unruly and had little care for anyone’s effects if they had been out on a big drinking night. He did not want these odd few to know exactly which apartment was his either, he knew they would turn up unannounced one evening looking to use his place for their own entertainment purposes.

So he sat alone.

With slow realisation, he came to the conclusion that he was happiest when he was on his own. Towards the end of his relationship with Nadia he had really disliked having to consider what she wanted and he had felt a certain relief when he had come home that evening to find her bags packed and Nadia sat in the easy chair, surrounded by the books, waiting for his arrival. Nadia said that she felt it was time she moved on. She felt that their relationship had stagnated into a muddy pond with no oxygen for her to breath and she just had to get out or she would suffocate.

She then left handing him her keys as she passed him on her way to the door and exited from his life. She had been thorough in her leaving, obviously calling in a favour from a few friends to help remove most of her belongings during the day, with just a suitcase and travel bag left to take with her in the final flurry of goodbye. He had heard nothing from Nadia since and none of his friends knew anything either yet both had shared friends for most of their time together.

The rat programme finished in a finale of electronic music and advertising came on to replace it. Cade turned off the television and headed towards the kitchen to make a coffee.

©2012 Trevor Litchfield

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